EoP – Part 1

Echoes of Power

Part 1

When you think things are going perfectly well in your life, there is always something that comes tumbling in and ruins everything. That’s a lesson I’ve learned over the years and that has always proved to be true. Well, except perhaps that one time near the temple, but that’s not a story for me to tell you, at least not yet. It happened to me a good number of times, though I didn’t really pay attention to it for the most part of my life until the day she died. I don’t mean to say that I’ve become bitter because of that and that I don’t see the fun in life anymore, I still do, but I also know that fun can’t last forever. That’s why I make the most of it while it’s there. Anyway, one of the first times something like this happened, Bryan and I were still in highschool, I think it we were in our third year which had just begun.


The alarm had already begun ringing for the eleventh time when Alexandre Parson, still half asleep, finally managed to move his arm and groggily turn it off.

“Ugh…” He exclaimed, letting out a deep sigh as he rolled on his back and slowly opened his eyes.

07:14. The time was projected in large blue letters by his alarm clock on the white surface of the ceiling. The teenager looked at the time for a long moment, which seemed like an eternity to him, after which the number for the minutes incremented by one and he let out another heavy sigh. He contemplated the thought of staying in bed and going back to sleep, it seemed so attractive to him and so wonderfully comfortable. But he shook his head, ruffling his short light brown hair slightly as he did so, and rubbed his eyes before rising into a sitting position.

“Damn it” He groaned as he pulled the covers aside.

Under any other circumstance he would’ve stayed in bed for the next fifteen to twenty minutes and then he would’ve gotten up and rushed to wash his face and eat a quick breakfast. But not that morning, no, today was special and he didn’t want to have to rush. Plus he wanted to be at least a minimum presentable before getting to school. After all it was the first day of school of the year, he had to at least make an effort for that occasion…

Alexandre walked towards the bathroom, rubbing his shoulders with his hand as he yawned. He took a few seconds to look at his reflection in the mirror, his brownish grey eyes seemed sleepy and his mouth was still half gaping. Wow, who’s that sexy guy? He thought with a silent chuckle before splashing his face with cold water to wake himself up. It worked very well, perhaps a bit too well even, he had a sharp intake of air and hit his knee on the sink as the cold water took him by surprise.

“Damn it!” He swore again, loudly, as he massaged his knee to dull the pain.

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