Quotidian n°84 – Creating a story is hard

Nein Hans! Ich bin dein vater!


Thinking is quite easy. At least it is for me and I dare hope it is also for others as well! Imagining things is a bit more difficult but still not that hard. No, the complicated part is turning that imagination into a story. Making it come to life, creating the characters and settings, arranging the plot and making up the events and links between each of them. Finally, telling that story in an interesting way is the hardest steps of all. To me, it’s something that I dread and dream of at the same time. It is both my ultimate goal when I start a writing project and my bane because I have a lot of difficulty writing something good. Or at least that I consider to be good.

I believe I’ve read somewhere that the writer is his own most severe critic, or something like that. I believe that saying, for me it is entirely true. I have ideas in mind that I want to write and I want to make become as awesome as what I planned. That’s insane because it won’t ever happen, never. One might get extremely close to doing that but ultimately, the author will be the only one to fully comprehend and fell the depth, the hugeness and the awesomeness of his own story. A good writer will pass down a good story. A great writer will pas down the story and its whole universe. But even if one is able to do that they never will be able to share everything with the reader. And that is quite sad…

Anyways, what I wanted to say is that I have great ideas for Echoes of Power and I have an awesome plot (or at least I believe it is awesome, only time will tell if it is liked or not). I want to make not only a good piece of writing with this but a great one if I dare hope. I want to be able to share with you readers the awesome feelings I feel when I am thinking about this story. I have been thinking over and over again how I would be able to do that. Did I need more description? Did I need to make my chapters shorter? Did I need different characters? Older ones? More girls? More frequent publishing? Ask you guys for ideas and feedback? I had so many questions in my head and so little answers…

It took me some time mulling about it but I think I finally have the answer I was looking for, or at least part of it. I have to make the chapters as long as I think they need to be but shorter chapter are easier to publish often. I have to make characters that feel real and make the reader react to them, whether they are young, old, girls or boys doesn’t matter as long as it is part of the story. More descriptions? No. But shorter and simpler sentences yes! I tend to make things tooo complicated and too long so I’ve been working on that for Echoes of Power. How to turn this great idea into something good? Work on it, as much and as often as I can and keep working on it until I deem it good. Perfection is not an option.

Finally, I managed to decide myself on the course of action to follow, which I believe I talked about yesterday as I introduced the introduction to EoP : I am writing in the form of a serial web novel. This means that I will publish chapters (or parts of chapters) which might be of varying length but that I’ll always try to keep over 500 words at least, more regularly (one everyday is my goal). And the complete text will be available on the blog at all times under the same form as a novel (or almost). This is what I call a serial web novel. I think I somehow got the idea when I started thinking of creating a writing blog (when I was still on the Skyblogs, blogs for teens usually if you haven’t heard of it), I had seen many great examples of fan fiction blogs and what I now call web novels and I wanted to do the same.

I decided myself after some time, wanting to get some feedback, and as the years passed I kept going. But it is only recently, with the debut of Stanley, that I started doing shorter but more regular chapters and I have taken a liking to this format. Therefore I am officially declaring the beginning of the serial web novel Echoes of Power today, monday the 23rd of June 2015. Yup, it begins now. You can already go check out the first chapter (or part) that is online here!

I really hope you enjoy reading it and I would also love some feedback on my ideas and writing so if you have things to say, don’t hesitate! ;)

That’s all for now, good night folks, see you later!

PS: Chapters from Of Shadow and Feathers and The Hero’s Mask : Forging will also be coming soon, don’t worry!

PPS: Stanley will continue… one day! x)


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