EoP – Part 2

Echoes of Power

Part 2

Once the throbbing began to fade away the teenager quickly proceeded to wash his face and to shave the patch of body hair that was starting to become visible under his nose. Then he dried himself and walked down the stairs into the kitchen before preparing himself something to eat. His usual breakfast on school days consisted in a simple bowl of cereals with cool milk and a glass of orange juice, whereas during the weekends he preferred to eat something more elaborate to make a contrast between the two. Usually varying from different types pastry to virtually any easy meal that could be cooked in less than five minutes. Alexandre was almost finished eating when his father stumbled in the room and sat down heavily at the table, still half asleep.

“Hey dad!” He greeted the older man with a smile, to which his father replied with an unintelligible grunt as he poured himself a large glass of juice.

“Well, good to see you too but I have got to run or I’m going to be late!” The teenager exclaimed as he hugged his still sleeping father before he ran up the stairs again to brush his teeth.

Once this was done he went back to his room, grabbed his jacket and his backpack before rushing back downstairs. He hurriedly put on his shoes and ran out, wishing a good day to his still sleeping father and slamming the door behind him as he jumped on the sidewalk.

David Parson was a tall salt-and-pepper-haired man in his early fifties who had given up sports a long time ago but still retained a remarkably fit silhouette. He worked as a software and hardware technician for a small local company, his job consisted in responding to the emergencies that any business in the area might have. His calls were often long and at any time of the day or the night, which explained his difficulty to get up early on most days. The older man replied to his son with another grunt before focusing back on his coffee and buttered bread.

Alexandre started running as soon as his feet touched the pavement. He was going at a moderate pace, even if he knew he wasn’t late at all he still wanted to get there on time. Usually it took him a quarter of an hour while walking at a normal pace and barely five minutes by sprinting. He still had almost twenty minutes before classes, which was far enough by any estimation, but still he had decided to run. As he passed by the shopping district he took a right, following New Odel Road which led directly to Bartholomée Santana Highschool. He was barely halfway through the road he usually took to go to school when hear a voice call his name from behind. From the corner of his eye the teenager saw his long time best friend quickly catch up with him on a bike.

“Hey Alex!” Called the tall and dark-skinned teenager.

“Hi Bryan.” Replied Alexandre with a smile as he quickened his pace slightly to follow the other teen.

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