EoP – Part 3

Echoes of Power

Part 3

Bryan Vogt was a tall young man with tan skin and clear blue eyes, he had his hair cut longer than his friend, it stopped in the middle of his neck and seemed to be brushed in a faux-messy style. He was well-built for his age due to his regular martial arts training since he was a young boy and was just a bit smaller than the light-haired teenager at a meter eighty-two. All this added to his extrovert personality and his almost-permanent bright smile earned him quite a lot of attention from the other students, especially the girls, or so had noticed his friend. Alexandre and him had been best friends since middle school, they had met during the summer before their second year of middle school at a summer camp and had been almost inseparable since then.

“Might you be in a hurry?” Asked the dark-haired teenager with a mocking smile as he slowed down slightly.

“You know I hate being late!” Replied Alexandre as he put his bag back in place on his shoulder. “Plus I’d like to get my pass as soon as we get there, I don’t wanna have to wait half an hour for that piece of plastic before lunch…” He added as he took a deep breath.

“Oh good idea!” Exclaimed his friend as he snapped his finger. “What would I do without you…?” He added with a smile.

“Nothing much I- Hey!” Alexandre barely had the time to begin his sentence before his friend suddenly accelerated and left him far behind in a matter of seconds.

“See ya there, slow poke!” Shouted the tan young man as he disappeared along the large road leading to the school.

Alexandre noticed a few passersby turn around to look at his friend, this made him chuckle. This was a good summary of people’s reaction when they met Bryan, he had always been very active and loud. The teenager slowly accelerated into a full sprint after seeing his friend disappear in the distance, he knew he wasn’t late but for once a bit of exercise didn’t seem to annoy him, on the contrary. He passed by a few people who he had to quickly evade and earned himself a few unnerved looks as well before finally reaching the large square and the entry of the Bartholomée Santana Highschool after barely three minutes of running.

He passed through the already open gates after greeting a few other students he knew and noticed his friend sitting on the front stairs of the reception and toying with his new-found school pass. Bryan smiled at him as he too noticed him arriving.

“Wow,  were fast!” He exclaimed with an admirative whistle. “Hope you’re not too tired though…” The dark-haired teenager added with a mocking smile.

“I hate you know…” Replied Alexandre as he tried to catch his breath.

He was usually used to run for at least that long without too much problem during the school year but two months of summer had greatly contributed to make him lose that habit. He knew he would get back in shape quickly once the sport events started once more but in the meantime he had work to do.

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