EoP – Part 4

Echoes of Power

Part 4

“Well you could thank me at least.” Said Bryan with a stern look.

“For what?” Asked the light-haired teen with a puzzled expression.

“For getting this for you.” Explained the tan young man with a smile as he took out a second pass from his pocket. “This one is yours.”

“It seems you’re not so useless after all…” Replied Alexandre with a small frown as he took the small plastic item from his friend’s hand, his breath still a bit shallow.

“Don’t throw me away yet!” Replied the well-built martial artist with a wink as he stood up. “You’ll have to go and sing the paper later during the day though, Lynda’s order.” He added as he pointed towards the reception’s doors.

Alexandre replied with a nod as he put the pass away in his pocket. Then they both proceeded to walk towards the school’s main building to join the third year students that had already gathered there for welcoming gathering that took place once each year for all the students of a same level. The first and second year students had already had their welcoming ceremony a few days earlier, the first years’ always being the largest one as the school felt it was very important to welcome new students with utmost care and to make them feel at ease. It usually took place in the large outdoor amphitheatre behind the main building, unless the weather wasn’t good enough in which case the ceremony was move inside the large gymnasium.

For the second and third years the ceremony was a simple call to make sure everyone was present and to dispatch the students in smaller groups for the rest of the year. It was sometimes preceded by a small speech, often by the principal himself, and didn’t take much more than quarter of an hour. The two teenagers reached the amphitheatre after a couple of minutes and joined the small group of students that were already there. No teacher was to be seen yet though they wouldn’t be much longer to arrive. Alexandre and Bryan walked towards a small group of people they had known for the past years and settled down after quickly greeting everyone.

“Hey guys!” A tall dark-skinned brunette with thin glasses greeted them with a smile. “How are you doing?”

“Fine thanks!” Replied Bryan with a large smile as he leaned against the wall.

“I’m good.” Nodded Alexandre as he put down his bag. “And you Jasmine?”

“Me too.” She replied as she straightened one of her legs to ease the blood flow.

The two young men had met with Jasmine a year back when they were forced to partner up with her and Anthony, one of the three other people that they had just joined, for a science project. They hadn’t been on very good terms with the slender girl since she had played a trick on both of them the year before. But the sour mood that had taken over the first few sessions of collective work had soon disappeared after they had learned that not only she was sorry for pranking them but also that the subject they had to work on was her older brother Simon’s area of expertise during his studies at the Oural University in Sacrajevo. The girl had proved a real asset in obtaining information from her sibling and, with Anthony’s help and playful mood, they had all been able to clear the air and get a great mark for their work. Since then the four of them had often spent a lot of time together with Carlos and Evangeline, also known as “the school’s famous couple” and a few other friends.

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