EoP – Part 5

Echoes of Power

Part 5

The group barely had to wait a few minutes before a flow of third year students joined them in the amphitheatre, the teachers arriving not long after. Everyone slowly got to their spot, sitting on the white stone step and, even though they all were asked to keep quiet by the adults, the loud sound of whispering could be heard and created a hubbub effect. Only when the principal finally arrived and greeted them all did the large crowd of teenagers get silent, waiting for him to begin his usual speech.

It lasted for nor longer than ten minutes, during which he reminded them of the values and the precepts of the school, of their duties as honored students and of the crucial part of their scholarship this year was. The tall and thin man with graying hair and thin glasses than had been elected as the school’s principal a few years back finished his speech by wishing each and every one of them the best of luck and asking them to honor the name of the school. Then he left them in the hand of their respective teachers who started calling them by their names to divide the crowd into small class groups.

Alexandre, just as he had hoped, found himself in the same class as Bryan, with almost all of the others from their usual group, with the exception of Karl Rochen, Misha Rochen’s twin brother who seemed to have been too sick to come to school that morning. The two brothers had arrived in the middle of the previous school year and had quickly become part of the small circle of friends. They had moved from a small country in the European regions to northern America a few years back following their parents who had come in search of a better job and a better life.

Apparently they had found happiness in Echo Valley after having moved two or three times before and had settled down for good. After having greeted the young of the two and inquired about his older sibling’s health Alexandre and Bryan followed the rest of their group towards their classroom. Apparently they would be based in one of the most recent buildings that year, or at least that’s what the light-haired teen deduced as he saw the bulky history teacher in his black leather jacket who had called them out head towards it.

“Nice!” Exclaimed Bryan as he too noticed where they were headed. “We’ve got a better spot than last year.” He remarked.

“Yeah that’s for sure.” Replied Alexandre with a smile as he remembered the old and dusty classroom they had had to work in the previous year.

Apparently, from what he could hear the others say, the school had decided to renovate the oldest building and therefore had relocated them to the newest building. Alexandre could remember the few times he had been inside the large brick building they were headed towards in the last few years, barely a handful, and always on the first floor where the language laboratories were located. But now they’d have a privileged spot on the third floor he realized as they walked out of the staircase and into a bright hallway. Mr. Brown, the history teacher, stopped in front of the third door they passed, almost at the end of the hallways and, after unlocking it, motioned to the group of teenagers following him to enter it.

“Here is your new home for the rest of the year!” He exclaimed with a smile as he two walked in and closed the door behind him before going towards his desk.

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