Quotidian n° 86 – Internet is so vast and full of things…

What is this strange and wonderful place? It’s the Interweb my friend, the Interweb!


Today I spent most of my day roaming the pages of the internet and boy, what a journey! I discovered things that might have scarred me for life like worm-eating leeches and all sorts of weird fish, somehow I had ended up in a weird part of Youtube. I also found a few new mangas that were worth the read which, fortunately, give me a few more things to read during the summer. I started watching Firefly, an awesome show to which I got hooked after barely two episodes! I can’t wait to watch the rest but knowing it’s only one season long makes me sad…

And this evening, after discovering (or rediscovering) Mr. Suicidesheep and Vexento on Youtube during the past few weeks, I’ve now discovered Sungha Jung, a korean (I think) teenager who plays guitar like a pro and who posts videos of him playing on Youtube. I found a few of his covers of popular songs and immediately felt hooked by his playing. I can never dream to reach his level, not even the level of a guitar player, in my life since I can’t even understand how that instrument works. Well, I mean, I know how to make music with a guitar, I’m not that stupid, but where the piano, the flute or almost any other instruments out there are really simple for me to comprehend and imagine how to play, the guitar isn’t. I have no idea why but it is definitely something I can fathom…

I also started reading The Sword of Truth : The Wizard’s first rule by Terry Goodkind, which is quite a long book already and I just discovered that there were thirteen more after that. I must admit I was a bit flabbergasted when I learned that I was preparing myself to have to read two or three more books after this one but apparently I have much more reading to do! I don’t know if they are as long as the first one though but if they are as interesting as what I have read until now it shouldn’t be so hard to do!

I also started reading Frankenstein recently, in french sadly since I haven’t been able to find an english edition. It’s quite interesting albeit different from what I expected. I’m quite hooked by te story though I’ve lost a bit of interest for the story since I started The Sword of Truth the day before yesterday. I think I’ll have to finish Terry Goodkind’s book before coming back to Marry Shelley’s!

I am quite an avid reader, as you may have noticed, and this summer I hope to be able to read quite a lot. I do have a few book series in mind, namely Game of Thrones, since I’ve finished watching season 5, plus a good number of books from Pierre Bottero’s series of novels. He’s a french author whom I have heard a good deal of good in the past! Apparently he’s written a number of novels, a few series like La quête d’Ewilan (It would translate as Ewilan’s Quest or The Quest od Ewilan in english I think) and Les mondes d’Ewilan (Ewilan’s worlds or The worlds of Ewilan). Sadly I’ve heard he died before finishing on of his latest novels. This news really affected me when I heard of it because apparently he was so close to finishing what he had started, or at least one part of it. The fact that I wanted to write a series of books made me think about the possibility of me never finishing it and dying before that… I know that it’s a possibility and that I shouldn’t be too stressed out by it since it can happen to anyone at any time, but it really seemed more real to me at that time and I’ve always wanted to see what his books were like. I’ve bought a few of them recently so I’ll try them out soon enough I hope!

In the meantime I have also continued writing my own stories and despite Of Shadow and Feathers not advancing much, I’ve been working quite a lot on Echoes of Power and I’m quite satisfied with what I’m doing with it right now. I hope to post the new chapter tonight, before going to bed, but since I’m going to see my girlfriend I don’t know if I’ll have time to write it before then. If I don’t there is no need to worry, it will be out by tomorrow, with tomorrow’s part too.

I do hope you are enjoying your holidays, they have begun this week-end for me and the weather is appropriate, a great sunny and almost cloudless sky, so it make me happy and make me want to do a lot of things! Anyways, I wish you all well and I will see you later folks!

Bye! ;)

Edit : This was yesterday’s Quotidian but I completely forgot to post it…


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