Quotidian n°87 – Re.


Hello dear visitors! How are you doing on this fine evening?

I am doing fine. It’s a bit hot here, t’was like this all day and we had almost 30°C at eight in the evening! Which, where I live, is extremely strange and rare! It was a bit too hot but it’s really awesome too have such a great weather so I can’t really complain, I’ve wanted to have such a great weather for so long that I can only make the most of it now that I do!

I just came back, well a few hours ago in fact, from my girlfriend’s place after spending a few days with her, it really was awesome, we had a great time! We went to the beach yesterday, which was really cool, plus the water was great! We also went to see Spy, a movie that I was a bit apprehensive about but that turned out to be awesomely funny! And that role for Jason Statham, simply epic! Sunday we also went to a sort of wildlife park, it wasn’t exactly a reservation nor a zoo, and it had many endangered species and rare ones too, it was great, both to see the animals and to walk around the huge domain. And finally we went to a nice restaurant to have lunch today, it was delicious! So, yeah, these few days with her were really great!

I also spent part of my time reading. As you now know I am an avid reader (as much as I am an avid writer) and last time I told you I had started The Sword of Truth series, The Wizard’s first rule, which turned out to be awesome! I don’t really know how to describe this book compared to the many other fantasy novels I have read until now. Perhaps I’d say that it is written in a very simple way, I don’t mean the words or expressions that are used but the way Goodkind tells his story.

It’s not simply factual, nor does he expand in lengthy descriptions or scenes of events, he simply seems to always go to the point, quickly painting the surroundings of the story and focusing on the important/interesting moments of the story. All this without digressing too much like I know I usually do in my stories. This, I realized as I was reading, is sort of the way I want to be able to tell my stories or, more precisely, the way I want to be able to tell you Echoes of Power, the story I started to re-write not so long ago. If you haven’t heard of The Sword of Truth but you like Fantasy stories, I really encourage you to go and check it out, it’s awesome! Well, at least the first book is!

Speaking of Echoes of Power, you may have noticed I haven’t posted a chapter in these last few days, even though I promised I would. Weeeeell…. I didn’t really have the time to do so while I was away, too taken by the other things I did that I didn’t even take time to write a bit… I apologize for this and I promise that tomorrow you will have those chapters (at least two or three if not more) and that I will compensate for the ones you didn’t have these past couple of days.

I hope you are all doing well, thank you for visiting my blog and liking/commenting ont he posts, it really means a lot! see you later people, enjoy your summer!



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