EoP – Part 6

Echoes of Power

Part 6

The first two hours passed quite slowly. The salt-and-pepper-haired man called each one of them one by one to make sure everyone was there, with the exception of Karl every student of group 3-B was there. The tall man then moved on to explaining what the year would consist in and reminded them of how important the final exams were if they wanted to be able to freely choose where they wanted to go the following year.

“Remember, the better you do, the more doors you keep open!” He said with a smile as he stood up and took out a pile of paper sheets from his bag.

He then proceeded to give one out to each of the teenagers before explaining that it was to be their time-table for their classes until the end of the first semester.

“After that they might change a little, we will give you the updated version once they have been decided.” He sat back in his chair and gave them a few minutes to discover what each week of the first months of school would be like.

“Nice!” Exclaimed Alexandre in a loud whisper with a large smile as he took a look at the sheet of paper.

Bryan, who was sitting immediately to his right thanks to their quick placement decision earlier turned towards him.

“What it it?” He asked his light-haired friend.

“We have sports class in the afternoon, it’s great because I hate it when we have to run in the morning…” Explained Alexandre, still smiling.

“Wow… We have math almost each morning of the week and you worry about not having to run in the morning?” Said Bryan with irony as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Hey, we each have our own priorities!” Replied Alexandre.

He really didn’t like to have to do straining exercises in the morning, he didn’t know why but it irked him a lot. Bryan was about to make another comment on the subject but was thankfully cut off by the teacher. Mr. Brown, once he deemed they had had enough time to look at their timetables, started to explain the program of the year for his class of history: they would finally reach the most recent part of their own history and study the period going from the mid 19th century up to the beginning of the 21st. He was interrupted once by a, discreet but still too loud, ringtone and had reprimanded the user, Rebecca Cruz, a red-haired girl who Alexandre knew was often getting caught doing similar things during class. He smiled when he saw her face redden a bit as she quickly turned off her phone.

“I also need to give out a few papers to you that you either need to take a close look at or fill in and return to the secretary asap.” He added as he took out another pile of paper from his bag and started distributing it.

“Also, here are a few dates you might want to put down somewhere.” The teacher added as he started writing on the board.

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