EoP – Part 7

Echoes of Power

Part 7

The next hour and a half passed quite rapidly with the history teacher giving them the documents and the information they needed to begin their year and then explaining in more details what he would be teaching them that year. Finally he gave them a few minutes to ask questions if they had any.

“The books will be delivered today, after lunch. You’ll have to go and check them out from the school library. Make sure to bring you pass with you and to have them by this afternoon or you won’t be able to follow the classes. Any other question?” He asked, his eyes looking around the room.

“No?” He asked again to make sur. “Very good! Now, the bell won’t ring for another five minutes but I will exceptionally let you go before the time is up today. I have a meeting with some of my colleagues and I have to go. You are dismissed for now.” The man added with a smile as he clapped in his hands once before standing up and grabbing his bag.

The students didn’t wait for him to add anything and stood up, grabbing their own bags and rushing out of the room. Alexandre took his time, preferring to wait until the biggest part of the crown had already left the room to move. As he finally stood up he saw his best friend waiting for him near the door.

“Damn! You’re slow!” Complained Bryan to his friend as they both wished a good day to the teacher.

“I know, I know.” Replied Alexandre with a smirk. “But you know, slow and steady wins the race.” He added before passing the doorstep and starting to walk along the corridor.

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” Replied Bryan in a falsely annoyed voice. “So, what do we have now?” The tan teen asked.

“I have Japanese apparently.” Replied his friend. “So, you should have Russian I believe.”

“Great.” Said Bryan in a joyless tone as they proceeded to walk down the stairs.

Alexandre knew his best friend had never loved learning Russian, even if it had been his own choice since the beginning of high school. It wasn’t that the well-built teenager didn’t like the language but he seemed to hate the way they taught it at school. And apparently it had a lot to do with the teacher that he had since their arrival to Bartholomée Santana.

“He definitely does not make me want to learn it…” He had lamented one afternoon after his class. “That old fart doesn’t know how to make anything interesting, worse! He manages to make me almost hate Russian when I’m around him…”

He had never really explained why it was that he didn’t like Emilio Verref, the man who was in charge of teaching them Russian, but it since the first day things had been extremely tense between the teenager and his professor. Alexandre had tried to ask why on several occasions but never had got a very conclusive answer.

“Meh, you’ll survive.” Said the light-haired young man with a smile. “Just one more year and you’re done with him!” He added as they reached the first floor of the building.

“Well, see you later then!” Exclaimed Bryan as he walked outside through the door.

“Yeah, we meet near the library!” Reminded Alexandre as he took a left towards the language labs.

The Japanese classes took place in this building, in the language laboratories, while Bryan had to cross the whole courtyard to reach the adjacent building where his classes took place.

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