Quotidian n°88 – Today is a great day to write.

For today we dine in Hell! Or at KFC, which do you prefer?

Today I met with the owner of a restaurant not far from where I live, it was an interview for a summer job at his restaurant. I think it went quite well. It was quick but apparently I’ll have to come in this week-end for a test run to see how I’m doing so I’m hoping I’ll make a good impression because that would give me an opportunity to work this summer and to make a bit of money for next year. It’ll be important to pay part of my rent and of my studies. I think I did quite well, I can’t be sure though but I really think I may have something here!

Speaking of my studies next year! I received the file with the administrative papers that I have to fill in a return, I’ll have to do this before the 10th but this should be okay. What almost caused a problem was for the room I had asked for with a grant next year to help with my studies. sadly I didn’t get the grand because I’ve already been a few years in the superior cycle of studies (that’s how we call it here) and the fact that I didn’t finish my previous studies, in IT, prevents me from getting a grant this year. But at least they still offer me a room. It’s a cheaper and simpler solution than looking for it myself but the problem is that I received the notification telling me they granted me the room a few days ago and I only really took notice of it today. That’s when my mother realized I had to book the room before today.

Or at least that’s what the paper said. we panicked a bit there because I really need this room next year so we rushed on the website to see if it could still be done. Fortunately their servers are overcrowded so, since they are reaaaaaally slow they give us a delay to do it. I have until the 5th to book it. But I want to do it as soon as possible to be sure. The problem is that the servers are really slow and it takes an eternity to get one thing done there… I’ve been trying to finish the booking process  for two hours now and still haven’t reached the second stage of the process… This is so annoying! But, at least, I can still book my room and that is quite a relief. That’s to say that things are moving for me for next year and that the start of my new studies is getting closer. I’m really excited to be able to start already! I can’t quite wait to be there!

Anyways, apart from that I spent a calm day, I read and wrote a lot. I managed to produce almost three parts of Echoes of Power but didn’t quite finish the third one as I am facing a slight hesitation, I don’t really know how to proceed with the story from now on. It might seem a detail to you if I told you but it is quite a dilemma for me so I decided to wait and sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow. So, again, tomorrow you will be granted two (perhaps even three) parts of Echoes of Power instead of just one and maybe I’ll be able to catch up with what I owe you. Also I’ll try to work a bit on Of Shadow and Feathers again and Forging since it’s been quite some time since I posted the last chapters so one should come out soon!

In the mean time I hope you are all doing well and  wish you a great evening!

See you later people!


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