EoP – Part 9

Echoes of Power

Part 9

“Sumimasen!” He apologized, clearing his throat too before beginning his introduction to give himself a second to catch his thoughts.

As soon as he did so the voice’s power seemed to die back down and it faded back in the background of his mind, allowing him to focus. He thanked whoever or whatever was the source of this parasite noise in his mind for giving him some breathing room and began speaking. After speaking about the few trips to the beach, the books he had read and the movies he had seen the rest of the class went smoothly. The teacher gave them a small written test to evaluate their levels and finally dismissed them after telling them to prepare a list of books in Japanese for the next lesson.

“We’ll study one or more books of your choice along the year, in Japanese of course, make sure to write down a few names that you’d enjoy.” She explained before allowing them to stand up and rush out of the room.

The light-haired teenager met with his best friend, who was already waiting for him near the library, a few minutes later.

“Well you took your time!” Exclaimed Bryan in a faux-annoyed tone.

“Yeah yeah, unlike you we were actually working during this hour!”Exclaimed the teenager to his tanned counterpart.

“Whatever.” Replied Bryan with a small dismissing wave before entering the school library. “I’m hungry so let’s do this quickly!” He added as he walked towards the young librarian.

The young woman who had replaced Ned, the previous librarian, a year before, was a bubbly twenty something woman names Melissa with thin glasses, shoulder length wavy blonde hair and a large smile. Her smile got a bit larger when she noticed the two teenagers entering the quiet room.

“Well hello there boys!” She exclaimed as she finished placing a few magazines on the shelves. “You came here to find something good?” She asked, turning around and walking towards them.

“Hello Miss Campbell.” Replied Alexandre with a polite nod.

“Hi Mel!” Exclaimed Bryan, returning her large smile with one of his own as she approached. “No, actually we came here to get our books for this year you see.” He added as he took out his student pass.

“Oh!” The young blonde exclaimed. “Yes! Of course! Follow me!” She added before turning around and proceeding towards her counter.

The two teenagers had both known the new librarian quite closely since their first year at Bartholomée Santana when they had been requested to help her settle in during her first few days. Bryan, being his usual seductive self, had been quite motivated to get on the young woman’s good side and had done everything he could to help her, even going out of his way by coming early before classes and staying late to help around, dragging his unwilling best friend in his attempt of conquest.

Unfortunately his plans had been shattered after a few weeks when they both had learned, from the woman in question, that she had in fact been engaged to a charming young attorney-in-the-making for a few years. That hadn’t stopped the more muscular of the two from becoming good friends with her. Alexandre had, by obligation towards his friend at first but then by genuine interest, also become friends with her over the years.

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