Quotidian n°89 – Yesterday I went to a party.

♪ Party rock is in the house tonight! ♫

Yup, a party.

Well it wasn’t that big a party, we were only four guys from my old high school (and by high school I mean school between 11 and 16 years old, or something like that) and we decided to have a small evening together to have fun and remember the good ol’ days. We went for a picnic/barbecue on the beach and talked and laughed while eating. We also spent quite some time one the road driving stupidly (we turned at least five or six times around each roundabout) and, well, enjoying it a lot even if it was quite dangerous. Then we went to a nearby casino and I lost a few euros but it was still fun just to do it. We finished by trying to go take a midnight swim (though it was already past one o’clock) but ended not doing it because the air was too cold. We had a lot of fun and I hope that we’ll be able to see each other again soon to do something like that again because I really enjoyed it, it was nice to see them again.

That is why I didn’t write a lot yesterday, I spent my day trying to finish filling the forms that I have to return to my future school to finish my registration. I was so taken up by that and all the other things I have to prepare around that, that I didn’t even take the time to write a little and in the end ended up having to get ready for the evening without even having written a single word of the Echoes of Power chapters I had promised you guys… I’m sorry for that and I promise I will make it up to you today, at least three parts will be posted before tonight and perhaps more later, but we’ll see, that depends on my motivation.

Anyways, yeah, I wasn’t very productive. I mostly spent my time filling forms and watching the new episodes from Dark Matter and Teen Wolf, two series that I’m enjoying watching right now. Plus one or two episodes from Firefly, that old but amazing show that I had heard so much about but hadn’t ever tried. Well I love it and I really don’t know if I should keep watching, I really want to, don’t misunderstand, but I also know that it ends after only one season and that makes me sad.

So yeah, not very productive yesterday but I will be today, stay tuned for more chapters soon! ;)

See ya around!



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