Quotidian n°90 – Nonante

Attention! This flim is not a flim about cyclign. Thank you for your understanding.

So what did I do today? Hmmm… Not much… At least not much to talk about that is interesting…

Oh, yeah, I did go to the mall to get a few pictures for my student card next year, ’cause it has to be an “official” picture. So annoying.

Anyways, I also worked on Echoes of Power, which is cool, and now you can read parts 8 and 9 that have been published earlier tonight if you want. Yup yup, they are online! Though I know I am still a bit behind schedule on the different chapters I won’t post much more today and I think I won’t keep up this “two or three parts a day” regime for long because that is how I am going to get annoyed by it very quickly. And if I get annoyed I get bored, and if I get bored I won’t have the motivation to write it anymore so I will instead resume my one part a day posting speed and go back to normal during the next few days. Perhaps I’ll feel inspired or particularly motivated which will make me want to post more but for now I prefer to limit myself so as not to ruin my motivation.

As you may have realized if you have read the first few parts of the story, the plot isn’t moving forward very fast. I know. It might seem uninteresting right now but it will get a bit more exciting with each chapter that is published and in a few days (or weeks) once the story has progressed enough, things will pick up a bit. That is as soon as we reach the point where our main character begins to be confronted with strange happenings. Anyways, please keep reading and give the story a chance to develop itself before abandoning it, that’s all I want to say and ask, thank you!

Alright, it’s time to go to bed for me, lately I have been going to sleep much too late for my body and I feel tired almost all the time, I need a good night’s sleep and I believe that tonight I shall get it so I am wishing you all a very good and pleasant night (and morning tomorrow since I probably won’t be up too early) and I will see you later folks. Bye! ;)

PS : Tomorrow I have to tell you guys about a few of the other writing projects that I have been thinking about lately and what I have in mind for them because a few of them are too awesome to stay in my head, I have to get them out and tell you about it!

PPS : I also have to go and take a look around the blogs that I’m following and the reader feed of wordpress because it had been quite some time since I haven’t and that is definitely not polite nor good for me ’cause I love reading things!

K c ya! :P


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