EoP – Part 10

Echoes of Power

Part 10

She led them towards the library’s reception desk before asking for their respective passes.

“Good!” She exclaimed after having scanned both of them. “Everything’s in order. Wait a second I’ll be right back with your books you two!” She continued before hurrying towards a room behind the desk.

The young woman came back a few seconds later with a tall pile f books that she divided in two on the counter of the desk.

“Here are your books. Yours are in this pile Bryan and the other pile is your Alexandre.” She explained as she waved towards the piles in question.

“Thank you!” Exclaimed the tall dark-haired teenager with a smile as he started putting his books in his bag.

“Yeah, thanks Miss Campbell.” Added Alexandre as he did the same. “But don’t we have to sign anywhere?” He then asked.

“Nope.” She replied with a smile. “Not this year, the whole thing is digitalized now, I just have to swap your cards in the machine and to validate once you’ve retrieved them.” The young blonde explained as she sat down on her armchair.

“And I told you already Alexandre, call me Melissa.” She added with a smile as the two boys closed their bags.

“Yeah, will do!” Nodded Alexandre with a smile. “Have a nice day then.” He added as he and Bryan started leaving.

“See you later Mel!” Added Bryan as he followed his friend.

“Thank you boys, you too!” She replied, waving at them before focusing on her computer screen.

“Damn…” Whispered Bryan as they walked out of the library.

Alexandre turned towards him and his mouth curve into half a smile.

“Still having trouble letting go huh?” He asked, half mocking half serious.

“Yeah, a bit…” Admitted Bryan with a sigh as he looked back one last time towards the librarian before walking out of the large room.

The dark-haired teenager had had trouble accepting the fact that the young woman was out of his reach and his best friend enjoyed teasing him about it from time to time. The tan young man was quite popular in the school and he knew it, he was often playing with the girls that revolved around him, in the hope of capturing his heart, or at least his eye, for a while. But since his romantic deception with the older blonde woman he had remained single, sometimes enjoying a short thing with a girl but never getting into anything serious.

Many a best friend might have become jealous of his popularity over time but Alexandre had learned to live with it. Plus he still had his moments of glory, even if they were rarer than his friend’s. A small smirk spread on his lips as he thought about the new he still had to break to his best friend about the previous week. Yes, he did have his moments sometimes. Bryan had often told him that he was as popular as him but that very few people dared to come up to him because of his ‘mysterious aura’, as the tan teen qualified it. Alexandre had often scoffed at that remark but sometimes he did wonder if it was true, after all Bryan was a real lady-killer when he wanted.

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