I don’t want to go to sleep.

I’m in that state right now where I feel a bit tired but not too much and where I feel I could do anything I wanted, as if I could take on the world. It’s hard to describe, that sort of feeling happens to me from time to time, usually at night when I’m listening to music. Which is exactly my case right now. And I feel inspiration seeping through my veins, I have many ideas during these moments but I always a tad too tired to start anything and I end up doing a lot of thinking and not being very productive.

Right now I’m thinking about my story, Tales of Ore, and what I should do once I catch up the french text with the translation I’m currently working on. I have many ideas and many projects about how the story should continue, but I also have many uncertainties and questions about the plotline. I’m constantly trying to answer these questions and to make story something as good as what I have in mind when I think about it, but it’s really hard.

I know what I want to do but I don’t really know how to do it and when I finally try to get to it, I feel as if everything I do is kinda useless and that I will never reach my goal… Perhaps I will try to continue the story from where I stopped in the french version and fill in the gap as time goes? I could even post the next chapters and give you a quick summary of the event up until that point so that you could follow? That would give me all the time I want to post the chapters that go in the middle.

But doing that means not knowing when you will have the chapters and forcing you to get spoiled a bit to continue reading. It might help me in the long run but I’m not too comfortable with that… I don’t know.

Yup, as I was saying, a lot of questions I try to answer in times like these… Oh well, ‘la nuit porte conseil’ as we french say. I might have an idea or a revelation as I am sleeping, who knows?

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