EoP – Part 11

Echoes of Power

Part 11

The two friends entered the cafeteria about twenty minutes later after having deposited the books that they didn’t need in their lockers. Damn, those things were heavy! Thought Alexandre as he massaged his shoulder while waiting in line to get their food. The cafeteria was almost deserted, only one or two handful of people were sitting at the large wooden tables. Most of the students that had arrived in the cafeteria were still waiting in line to fill their platters. Alexandre and Bryan got in line, taking advantage of the number of people before them to choose their meals without rushing.

“I’m so hungry I could eat the platter!” Exclaimed Bryan as they finally sat down at a table near the window which gave them a good view over most of the courtyard where many students were walking.

“Yeah, me too, I could even eat my books!” Replied Alexandre with a nod and a large smile.

He started eating his boiled eggs, dipping them in mayonnaise from time to time, and to a bite out of a loaf of bread.

“It’s really cool here.” Suddenly commented the dark-haired teen as he looked outside towards the other buildings.

“Seeing anything you like?” Asked the light-haired teen with a smirk.

“Huh?” Asked Bryan, turning to look at his friend after a few seconds of silence.

“I said : finding potential new preys?” Said Alexandre, his smirk getting bigger as his friend seemed to understand.

“Might you be accusing me of being a heartless Don Juan?” Questionned Bryan with a falsely hurt expression as he put his hand over his chest.

“Yes I do, my friend.” Replied Alexandre before pointing at his friend with his fork, still holding part of his egg. “I’d even add this : j’accuse!” He exclaimed in a false French accent before gobbling down the rest of the egg.

“How dare you!” Exclaimed Bryan in a loud voice as he tried his best to sound genuinely indignant.

This earned them a few looks from the other students around them. The both of them took great care in not looking around and feigning not to even notice other life forms who’s attention they could have caught. They enjoyed playing this little game from time to time, instantly synchronizing to put on a show for their unaware audience. Bryan had enjoyed this game since long before he had met Alexandre and he had somehow managed to pull his best friend into playing with him over the years.

The key to the trick was exaggerating everything as much as possible without giving any sign that it was an act. The dark-haired teenager had managed the art of looking around him through his peripheral vision to see the results of their little game, all this without anyone noticing.

“But seriously, can you deny being even a little attracted to these beautiful women out there?” Asked Alexandre as he waved towards the window and the courtyard outside, trying to suppress his laughter.

“I must admit that I cannot deny this fact.” Replied the tan young man as he ate a piece of his rib steak, having sat back down. “And despite the fact that there are indeed a number of girls that I find very attractive I must tell you this, my friend: I am looking for something more than just a fling. I would like to find someone who really makes me feel different this time, not just a onetime thing…”.

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