EoP – Part 12

Echoes of Power

Part 12

Alexandre looked at his friend in silence for a moment before speaking again. Bryan didn’t seem to be joking, which was surprising for this kind of topic. The dark-haired teen really seemed to be genuine in his comment.

“Wow. Who are you sir? What have you done with my best friend?!” He exclaimed, not bothering to hide his surprised look. “Would you suddenly have become a hopeless romantic? You the mass seducer, the James Bond of high school students? What in the heavens changed your mind?”

“Somewhat of an illumination I might say.”

“An illumination…?”

“Yes, exactly, an illumination.” Said Alexandre’s tanned friend, repeating himself on purpose.

“Will you explain yourself or not?!” Exclaimed Alexandre, getting slightly irritated by the provocation.



“I said no. You can whistle for it, I won’t tell you.”

“Ugh… Very well then…” Sighed Alexandre. “As you wish.”

“As I wish indeed if you please!” Exclaimed Bryan with a small provoking smile before changing the subject. “Speaking of which, what do you have to say for your defense on that matter?” He asked with a smirk.

Alexandre immediately understood what he was referring to and he sighed again, letting go of his best friend’s strange reaction for the moment and agreeing to become the topic of discussion.

“Yeah, well I was coming to that!” He exclaimed as he smiled too.

He knew Bryan was referring to the message he had mistakenly sent to him a few days before as he was trying to contact a cute girl he had met a few days before at a party.

“Her name is Chloe, she’s a very nice and very cute first year college student I met at the party I talked to you about the other day.” He started as he tried to remember what he had told his friend about it.

“Yeah, the one that ‘wasn’t bad’, I remember!” Exclaimed Bryan with a scoff. “May I just remind you that while you were out partying, Mr. Unappreciative, I, on the other hand, had to spend the whole week-end helping my parents to set the dojo up for the new year!”

“Yeah, yeah… It was cool, okay?” Replied Alexandre with a smile before continuing. “Anyway, she’s a first year at Sevanne apparently, we talked quite a bit during the party and I was thinking of asking her out sometime soon to tell you everything.” He explained, feeling his cheeks heat up ever so slightly as he thought back to the party.

“Good idea, but please, try to be a bit ingenious at least. Movies are not as romantic as you think… Plus the weather will surely be good so you might want to take advantage of that.” Said Bryan as he finished his portion of salad.

“I will.” Agreed Alexandre with a nod as he downed his glass of water in one go.

“And tell me all about it after!” Added the tall dark-haired teen as he pointed a loosely threatening finger towards his friend.

“Yeah, I will…” Said Alexandre with yet another sigh as he complied to his friend’s terms.

“Or before, now that I think of it, so that I may come and ruin one of your dates!” Added Bryan with a smirk as he stood up, following Alexandre’s motion as his best friend stood up and walked towards the counter near the exit before depositing his platter on it and passing through the door.

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