Quotidian n°92 – Late night writing.

What time is it? It’s eight thirty p.m. o’clock in the afternoon ma’am.

Yup, once again I find myself sitting behind my desk, writing things and working on my stories at a very late (or very early, depending on the way you see things) hours. I’m tired, I want to go to bed and sleep, but I also feel quite inspired and strangely happy. Or, more precisely, contempt by my situation at the present moment. I really enjoy moments like these when I’m capable of thinking about my stories without any other worries than that of developing my ideas and the universes of my stories.

Anyway. Today I wanted to share a scene from Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 that I found really awesome! I mean, I saw it in at the cinema and I was literally gaping as it played out before my eyes. I’m talking about the scene with Katniss singing The Hanging Tree and the dam being destroyed (what a dam good scene! #PJOJoke). I was sitting there on my seat, unable to think of anything else than the fact that what was happening was so great that it was awesome! (Yeah, it’ makes very little sence but I understand myself, that’s what’s important…)

So yeah, that scene of the movie is just amazing! It’s moving because you can feel the emotions of the characters as Kat starts singing the song, it’s extremely interesting because part of the plot is built and revealed around this scene and it’s breathtaking because of the growing effect and feelings it brings out from you as you see the events unfolding. It reminds me a bit of the version of the song Everybody wants to rule the world by Lorde, which builds up tension until the two-thirds and then lets everything go and blow up all around. This scene and that song have about the same effect on me and I love both of them.

Witnessing such a masterfully done shot (and I’m not simply talking about the acting or the music or even the special effects but of the whole thing combine together in a four-five minutes clips) is really an unforgettable experience and, for once, I completely agree with the fact that watching the movie (end therefore that scene) in a cinema on a big screen makes it infinitely better than just watching it on Youtube or on a small screen. Once you’ve seen it on the big screen it blows your mind…

At least, that’s what it did to me. It showed me once again but this time with even more depth, what I wanted to create with my stories, the goal that I wanted to reach in terms of character development and depth of story. It showed me a glimpse of what I could do if I succeeded in writing my stories well. And I really want to do that!

Here is the video of the scene I am talking about if you want to take a look at it!

Now, on another subject, I also spent some time today looking around the different blogs that appeared in my ‘reader’ thumbnail and I discovered Ally B Jones’s Blog. I took a quick looked and immediately got hooked by her fun way of reviewing and commenting comics/movies/animes and many other things, I haven’t taken enough time to see what else she did but if you want to get new ideas of shows to watch or things to read, don’t hesitate to take a look at her blog! She’s got great taste (very close to mine so of course they are great!) and despite some spelling mistakes (I know, but I hate those, ugh…) I really had a fun time looking around!

Finally I posted parts 11 and 12 of Echoes of Power, hurry and go read them!

See ya later folks, have a good night! ;)


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