EoP – Part 13

Echoes of Power

Part 13

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you what’s going on!” Exclaimed the dark-haired teenager as his friend made yet another remark about his strange attitude.

They were both waiting in front of the room where they would have the first of their afternoon classes a few minutes later. Bryan was leaning against the wall near the door and Alexandre was sitting opposite to him, his back to the wall. They were alone in the long hallway and could therefore talk without restraint. After quickly passing by the reception desk to complete the papers for his school pass Alexandre had joined his friend near the second building, they had walked around the school grounds the most part of the hour that remained before classes started again.

Then they had decided to go to their classroom and patiently wait for the bell to ring. Bryan had been continuously asking his friend about the party and the girl named Chloe that the light-haired teen had met, he seemed to be having a lot of fun with his little game. That until his best friend started retaliating with allusions to his strange comment in the cafeteria. Finally, after numerous comments on the subject the well-built martial artist gave up any appearance of resistance.

“Damn it man! I may have twelve years of martial arts behind me and yet you still manage to find a weakness…” Commented Bryan with a sigh as he saw a smirk appear on his best friend’s face.

“Mind over matter Bryan, mind over matter…” Simply replied Alexandre, not bothering to hide his satisfaction and his large smirk.

“Yeah, whatever. So, anyway, I’ve been thinking lately… You know, about these kinds of things and I realized that I wasn’t very happy with how I did things until now.” Started Bryan as he seemed to search for the right words.

“Okay…” Said Alexandre as he waited for his friend to keep going. “But you can’t expect me to believe that just thinking your seductive tendencies over made you change that much. You really looked serious at lunch…” He said, almost adding that it was really rare on this kind of subject.

“Yeah, I know, but something made me rethink things…” Said Bryan, looking at his friend from time to time as if he was hesitating on what to say.

“Alright, then tell me: what could have made you change your mind like this? Not a few weeks ago you were ready to run after any girl on your path, what’s different now?” Asked the light-haired teen, unable to wait much longer.

“Well… You’re gonna think I’m crazy or plain stupid…” Commented Bryan, unsure.

“Shoot!” Exclaimed Alexandre, he was starting to get annoyed by his friend’s attitude.

“Well… It’s because of a dream…” Finally admitted the dark-haired teen.

Alexandre looked at him, brows furrowed and his eyes looking for any sign that his friend was joking, making a fool of him, that he would burst into laughter at any instant and make fun of his best friend’s gullible attitude, but he saw nothing. Bryan seemed as serious as he could be.

“Okay…” Simply responded Alexandre, waiting for his friend to explain himself.

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