Quotidian n°93 – Neinty thrii.

Doctor Who? Just… the doctor.

Today I started reading a new book series while I wait to find the second tome of The Sword of Truth, it’s called CHERUB and it’s a series of books for teenagers I think about young children and teenagers who are recruited by a secret agency named CHERUB in England and trained to become spies that work for the government when adult agents couldn’t complete missions. It’s quite interesting, at least up ’til where I’ve read it, I thought the writing and the way of telling the story were simply in the beginning but as the story goes one sees the slow evolution of the characters and we learn a bit more about Bryan, the main character, and his hardships to get out of his life of misery and delinquency and to become a secret agent of CHERUB.

I don’t know how the story will proceed from now on but I really liked what happened and what I’ve read, I’m starting to get into the universe of the book and I find it more and more awesome. The only thing I have to say that is not a praise for the moment is also my greatest fear about the story : I fear that it’s falling in the usual ‘boy meets slightly tsundere girl and falls in love with her but it’s complicated until she realizes he is the one for her and reciprocates his feelings bit by bit later int he story’ type of plot. The main character has a relationship that could evolve in that direction with one of the characters and I think, or at least I believe, it will happen like that. And I’ve had enough of that, I’d like the main character to fall in love with another type of girl this type, to be surprised and enthused by that prospect and not just being impatient to see to characters get together…

I’ve already seen that plot far too often in teen novels like Percy Jackson (even if I enjoyed it very much, seeing Percy and Annabeth struggle to become friends and then get close enough to share feeling and finally see them come together, then having to deal with being a couple was awesome), in Eragon (Eragon/Arya, which ended quite disappointingly in the fourth book, I hope Paolini will continue the series because I can’t have it end there…), in The Kane Chronicles (also by Rick Riordan) and a few other series from which I have forgotten the title but that I assure you have the same principle! As an example, in The Wizard’s First Rule, the first novel of the Sword of Truth series, the main character has a strange relationship with his love interest all along the book and despite the predictable ending it is quite interesting to follow because of the atypical nature of the interactions between them.

Anyways, other than that the story is really great and I can’t wait to read more. I bought the first four books on a yard sale yesterday so I have a few things to read after I finish this one at least. I also bought two other books, older teenager/adult oriented this time, one is a science fiction story I think, like a romantic space opera, and the other in a fantasy novel, the first of a series by Robin Hobb if I remember correctly. It’s The Liveship Traders series if I found the correct title on the internet. Yeah, I have it in french and the title is not the same at all, it would translate more like ‘The adventurers of the sea’ or something like that. I’ll see what those two books are about and if they were worth me buying them, but they should be good, I rarely choose wrong and end up disappointed in that matter!

That’s all folks, bye! ;)


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