EoP – Part 15

Echoes of Power

Part 15

“I swear I won’t make fun of you if you do the same for me.” Replied Alexandre as his best friend asked him for the tenth to not make fun of what he had told him before the classes resumed.

“Sorry man but you know how I am,  can’t promise you that…” Said the dark-haired teenager with a smirk.

Alexandre studied him in silence for a moment as they walked towards the main gate of the school and couldn’t suppress the small smirk that appeared on his face too. He indeed knew that his friend would tease him endlessly about it if he could and that he would never be able to make him stop. But he didn’t have to make him completely stop, he could perhaps make him not mock him too often.

“Well then,” He started slowly as he carefully chose his words. “I swear that I won’t make fun of you too often if you agree to do the same. You can still tease me about her but ruining our date is out of the question, alright?”

Bryan seemed to think about it for a moment, his smile momentarily disappearing as he pondered the offer.

“Okay!” He simply replied after a couple of seconds.

The well-built teenager unlocked the chain that was keeping his bike in place and then proceeded to walk towards the school gate, following his friend. They both followed the main road for a few minutes, talking about a new game Alexandre had started a while back and which he was trying to make his best friend try. A revolutionary mmorpg that was way more immersive than anything that had ever been done before and to which the light-haired teen was hooked. Sadly his best friend wasn’t that much into video games and, until now, had refused to try it at all.

“Aw come on man! It would be so much fun to play it together!” Implored Alexandre as he made is best ‘puppy eyes’ impression.

“You know I’m not really into it… Plus I don’t have the time right now with school and my training. I’m not saying no, but not now…” Replied Bryan with a sigh, he had already declined his friend’s offer a number of times and he knew he would have to accept it one day or another.

“Okay, well your loss for now!” Exclaimed his best friend with a smile as they stopped at a cross-road near the shopping district.

“See you later man!” Exclaimed Bryan as he took a right while his friend continued forward.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow!” Exclaimed Alexandre as he saw the dark-haired teen disappear along the street in a matter of seconds and waving at him without turning around.

He smiled and chuckle lightly before walking along the pedestrian crossing in the direction of his house. The light-haired teen thought about his first day of school as his legs subconsciously led him where he wanted and smiled as he realized it had gone pretty well. No sports today, no late arrival either and I managed to retrieve my books and my id card, I’d say this is almost a perfect day! But, obviously, if everything seemed to go well something always had to ruin everything. And that something was the slight wave of pain he felt in his head as he was passing by the large brick warehouses near the end of the shopping district.

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