EoP – Part 16

Echoes of Power

Part 16

Alexandre felt the strange but familiar sensation that foreshadowed an immediate and acute episode of ‘the voice’, as he called it, coursing through his back. He stopped and leaned against one of the building, closing his eyes and taking deep breaths to try to calm down. But it didn’t help, he felt the buzzing in his temples increase and heard the whispering get louder. The voice always whispered, no matter how loud he could hear it, it was never anything else than a whisper. That was the only constant in his strange case. It didn’t change the fact that it could go from barely audible to a deafening, almost maddening, volume, on the brink of blowing his head off.

The brown-haired teen felt it, this time it was going to be really loud. So much for a quiet day, I guess this morning wasn’t enough after all! He cursed as he crouched against the wall in a corner and grabbed his head in his hands. He hadn’t had an episode like that for some time now. Alexandre pressed his hand on his ears, trying to reduce the sound he could hear louder and louder, but he knew it wouldn’t help, it never did. It was bad no matter what he did. The voice steadily got louder, ending up covering every other sound that he could have heard before and drowning the sound of life around him. He could only hear the incomprehensible whispering now, nothing else existed but that at that moment. He winced and groaned in pain as an eternity seemed to pass. He thought he was going to die as the voice got to its strongest volume yet.

He struggled a lot just to keep himself from not yelling and forced himself to hold his breath to keep the pain at bay. It didn’t work one bit but, as he thought he was not able to handle any more, he heard the voice speak three words more distinctly than the others. As he felt like he would never be able to form another sane thought in his life he heard the distinct syllables of the words coming from the whispering voice. Six distinct syllables that he somehow willed himself to remember after this just before the voice completely went silent and disappeared.

Noctar ares lot’to. Three words… He thought, opening his eyes as the searing pain started to fade away. He took in a deep breath. I heard three words… This thought almost made a smile appear on his lips. Finally, he had something new! He was still catching his breath and struggling to see as his eyes still re-adjusted to the bright light but he fumbled through his bag and took out a small notepad and a pen from his pencil-case. He proceeded to write the phonetics of the words he had just heard, or at least that he thought he had heard, as he didn’t know the correct spelling. Once that was done he tucked the pen and the notepad in a pocket of his jacket and closed his bag before taking in a few deep breaths and slowly standing up. He looked around to see if anyone had seen him like that but fortunately he had managed to partially hide himself in a corner.

Alexandre started walking towards his house again, slowly massaging his temples as he felt a headache coming. He thought about talking about this incident to his father this time but quickly decided against it, he didn’t want to go back to that time when he was barely living for anything else than the exams and tests. That period of his life was over and he didn’t want to go back to it. But why am I hearing this voice then? Is there a reason behind this or am I just crazy? That was the million dollar question that he couldn’t answer, was he schizophrenic like some had thought, or was it something else? It had eluded him since he had started noticing it and he felt he wouldn’t find out about it very soon… He had made some progress though, three new words in one episode, that was a good number. It raised the list to eleven now.

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