Alexandre and Bryan from Echoes of Power

Here are two drawings of the main characters of Echoes of Power, namely Alexandre and Bryan, that a very friendly artist had drawn for me a few months back when I was starting to look for some one to collaborate on my project of web comic. They aren’t exactly as what I had imagined of the characters when I first started working on the story but both drawings are still very similar to how I view them and they are really cool, at least I think so!

So, for your greatest pleasure, here are the two main characters of Echoes of Power coming to life :


So yeah, here is Alexandre, a teenager around a meter eighty with light brown hair and brown eyes with his satchel (I love satchels). He seems a bit shy but friendly on this picture and that is how I picture him, with clothes that are pretty similar to what the artist drew on him.


And here is Bryan with his dark (though it could still be darker) hair, his dark skin and his large smirk. He had darker eyes than Alexandre, I’d say they are close to dark blue or black if I had to describe them. Also, he wears glasses here though I don’t remember if I imagined him like that, it does give him a cool vibe. (I did decide he would have glasses sometimes, like when he needs to read small things for example, but otherwise he’s fine, being a werewolf and all…)

What I wanted to do when I imagined both of them was to play with the codes of manga a bit, the main character being more like ‘mister everybody’, without any extremely distinctive sign. His best friend being the cool guy (though that happens a lot) and yet having a dorky side too (yah, he loves collecting small figurines but that’s a secret so hush!).

I wanted to play with the fact that main characters always have something that makes them different in stories, I decided to make mine as normal as possible and to make his best friend the different one (at least in the beginning). I have many other games I’m playing while I write the story but I won’t tell you about it right now because then it would spoil a few things and I don’t want to spoil the story…

But yeah, here they are, Alexandre and Bryan, in all their glory!


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