EoP – Part 18

Echoes of Power

Part 18

“Good evening!” He heard his father’s voice from the floor below.

“Hey dad!” He replied with a smile as he closed put away his books before rushing to the stairs. The clock in the hallway pointed to almost nine pm.

“So how was your day?” Asked the man with dark hair who seemed to be more awake than a few hours earlier.

David Parson was in his late forties but surprisingly didn’t appear to be much older than his early thirties, he often said his side of the family had a very good gene pool on that particular subject.

“It went quite well!” Replied Alexandre with a smile. “We didn’t do much for the first few hours, mostly a presentation of our year and how it was going to be different now that we were in high school. Normally we’ll have a history and geography class at that time. Then I had my first Japanese class of the year and it went well, then we had lunch and after that maths, philosophy and language study, so it was nice overall. I’ve also received my schoolbooks and inaugurated our new id cards at the cafeteria, the food wasn’t as bad as I remembered, but it is just the first day.”

“Well that’s good!” Replied his father with a smile as he took off his coat and walked to the couch before sitting in it with a sigh. “I, on the other hand, haven’t completely finished my day. I still have a meeting at a nearby factory at eleven, I don’t think I will be home very early after that…”

“Oh, that’s not very fun… Do you want me to cook tonight?”

“No, don’t worry, I’ve already ordered pizzas to bribe you into forgiving me for not staying long tonight, I hope it wasn’t too bold a move on my part…” Replied David with a smirk and a mischievous look.

“Ugh, you’re the worst!” Exclaimed Alexandre as he thrust his arms to the sky in his best impression of the annoyed teenage boy before stomping out of the room. “Want a beer?” He asked as he walked in the kitchen.

“Yeah, why not!” He replied with a laugh. “Oh, and the pizzas are with mushrooms for the toppings…” He added as he extended his hand to grab the bottle of beer his son had brought back but Alexandre retracted his hand too quickly and pretended to turn around.

“That isn’t excusable on the other hand…” He said before finally giving his drink to his father.

“It is non negotiable that’s what it is!’ Exclaimed David as he quickly grabbed the bottle of fresh beverage. “So, have you seen Bryan today?” He then asked as Alexandre sat beside him with a can of soda in his hand.

“Yep, he’s in my class so it’s great!” He explained.

“Well good for you then! Try not to do anything too stupid during class though…”

“Or what? You’re gonna ask mom to come back and punish me?” He asked with a smirk. His father shoved him to the side with his shoulder.

“Hey! I’m still your legal guardian until your majority and as far as I know I’m allowed to reprimand you as I see fit until then!” He exclaimed in a faked angry and vexed tone before turning TV and lowering the volume so that it wouldn’t bother them as they talked.

“Whatever you say pops.” Replied Alexandre, still smiling.

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