Quotidian n°96 – Back from the dead.

Even the doors of hell couldn’t keep me away from you.

Hello dear readers!

Yes, I am finally back after such a long absence, almost a week! Have you missed me? I’m sure you have, how could you have not?

Anyway, yeah, I’m back from a very pleasant week-end with my girlfriend followed by a very unpleasant first half of the week during which I was really sick. I don’t know what I caught but it must’ve been while I was in a club. My throat was on fire, my nose was completely obstructed and it wouldn’t stop running and worst of all I had a fever and my body felt like burning coal. These past few days were really not fun at all…

That is the only reason I can give you as to why I haven’t written anything for a while now, I wasn’t nearly well enough to do anything, I could barely spend the whole day out of bed since the day before yesterday. I got better since then, I’m almost cured now, but it was extremely annoying and unpleasant to go through. I hate being sick… Anyways! I’m better now and I am ready to go back to writing!

I have a few small ideas (more like hunches but anyways) that I would like to explore for short stories, we’ll see how that goes but it might take me some time to grow into real projects. I also took some time to think about the stories I have been writing until now and what I got out of that comforted me in the knowledge that I was on the right track, that’s what I want to do and these are the stories I want to tell! Especially Echoes of Power these days!

Also, breaking news! I’ve started working on a new version of the website (but it just began so it’s not nearly finished) for my stories and I am quite satisfied with what I have done to this point, if everything goes well it should become something very agreeable and aesthetically pleasant for you readers, plus it’ll really be my stories’ website since I will have influenced the designed a lot more than on this one. I’ll link the address sometime soon when there is enough for you to take a look and make an oppinion. This blog remains the main one for the moment, and I believe it will for a long time, because I find WordPress a lot easier to use than Wix (which I’m using for the new website) when one wants to creat posts, so yeah, WordPress it is for the moment!

In other news, I’m still looking for the artist that will be interested in working with me and even if I still haven’t found him or her I am not giving in to despair! I might even have one or two opportunities at the moment so I’ll tell you guys more about it when I know more! Oh! Yeah! One last thing. I also started posting the chapters of Echoes of Power on Movellas, a website where you can find a lot of stories, fiction or fan fiction, in hope of spreading the love for it a bit. It’s still a few chapters late but I’m also uploading a chapter a day over there, though the latest few chapters will always be available here before ending up on Movellas.

We’ll see if it helps or not, only time will tell!

Okay, that’s all for the moment, perhaps more later in the day, I feel that I have more to say so who knows…

See ya!


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