EoP – Part 19

Echoes of Power

Part 19

“Well, speaking of that, you know she sent me a mail yesterday? Apparently she’s in the north of the country to do some research on an old Indian site and she wishes you a good year. She said she’d send photos soon.”

Alexandre looked at his father before nodding.

“Yeah? That’s the site she was talking about last time no? The one where the whole tribe was killed by a plague?”

“Yep, the same one…” Confirmed David before explaining what she was doing over there in detail.

David and Caroline Parson had separated almost four years before, realizing they wanted different things and that they weren’t as happy as before and living together was becoming much too hard. The decision of getting a divorce wasn’t an easy one and despite their reluctance to go their separate ways while Alexandre was still young they had decided to go through with it after explaining to the young boy that it did not mean they didn’t love him.

“We still do darling!” Had said his mother. “But your father and I have changed so much since we were young, we… we don’t feel the same towards each other. Staying together is getting very difficult for us and we don’t want you to suffer because of this. We both still love you very much and whatever you decide to do we will still love you Alex. I know it’s a selfish decision but it is a decision we had to make…”

He remembered nodding as he listened intently, then having to make a choice as to whom he would stay with. His mother had cried a lot but she told him she knew it was for the best, promising him that she would be back soon to see him before leaving for her new archeological mission. In the end they hadn’t seen each other for almost three months but she had sent him letters often and mails almost daily. She had come back for Halloween and then Christmas, each time with a wide smile and presents, and then, as the months and years passed, he had returned the favor by going to visit her a few times.

His parents had remained on very good terms, not lovers but slightly more than just friends, and despite the slightly awkward situation when they got back together, his mother’s visits were always an occasion for happiness for both him and his father. Alexandre had realized that one doesn’t come back that easily from loving somebody for so long, we always keep a place for that special someone close to our heart. The teenager could see this in his father’s eyes when they talked about her, a faint glint of sadness mixed with warmth.

Recently though he had heard a lot about a certain Lucille, a colleague of his father’s that worked in the same department and he was happy to see his old man open to someone new like this, even if it wasn’t on a similarly deep level as with his mother. That meant he was beginning to move on and to live again which was good even if the older man had never let himself get completely overwhelmed by sadness.

He listened intently to his father’s explanation on his mother’s newest project, apparently they were investigating a very small and very old prehistoric village that had disappeared mysteriously, probably due to an epidemic. The end goal was to restore as much as possible of what was left and to turn it into a commemorative site.

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