Quotidian n°97 – Why there will be no Quotidian today.

I have to move? Ugh, again?

This is not a Quotidian. This is a piece of text that is also art that has the purpose of making you question your view of the world and your take on reality and its meaning… Nah. JK. It is a Quotidian but I’m so not motivated tonight…

Yeah, so I really am not in the mood to write any Quotidian today so I just won’t. I’ve been working on my stories recently and posting chapters regularly so I’m quite happy with tha, but a Quotidian for today would be too much, I just don’t want to and can’t at the same time so, yeah, nothing today. Sorry.

I will however leave you with this :

the trailer from Suicide Squad, the movie, which really got me excited when I realised that there were still going to be so many movies that I need to watch in the next year(s)! I can’t wait! #Hype #SuperDuperExcited

Yep, that’s all for today, see ya later folks! :P




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