EoP – Part 21

Echoes of Power

Part 21

The young woman simply shrugged before closing the little pouch and printing a receipt from a small device attached to her belt by a small chain. Alexandre was almost surprised not to see a skull attached to it. She quickly gave him the ticket and wished him a good night before turning around and walking down the stairs, climbing on her motorbike in a swift and gracious motion. Alexandre expected her to leave without a word but she turned around to him.

“Ugh, almost forgot… Giovanni’s Pizzas thanks you and wishes you a nice meal and a nice evening, et cetera…” She exclaimed in an almost disgusted voice before revving her engine and shooting off towards her next delivery.

Well, cute girl but what an attitude… Thought Alexandre, not knowing if he should smirk or look surprised. Relatable though, it mustn’t be the nicest of jobs to do at this time of the day… The teenager then walked back in the house and closed the door behind him

He put down the pizza boxes on the table, in a line so that they could choose which one they wanted to eat or not. Three extra-large pizzas were more than enough for both of them but Alexandre knew that his father would probably be hungry after his night shift and therefore needed something to eat quickly.

“Itadakimasu!” Exclaimed the teenager with a smile as he opened the box in the center and discovered, to his greatest pleasure, a cheese and mushroom topping with hot sauce.

“Yeah, you’re welcome.” Replied the older man with a smirk before also digging in.

They ate while watching the evening news, exchanging a few comments here and there about the events of the week-end that were being explained, detailed and debated inside the channel’s studio. Finally, as the anchorman wished them a good evening, they had eaten two of the three pizzas and a slice of the third.

“Put it in the fridge if you’re not hungry anymore, I’m stuffed.” Said David Parson as he stood up and grabbed his plate. “I’m going to take a shower and read a bit before going back to work. Don’t worry about locking behind me, I’ll take my key.” He added as he walked in the kitchen where he put his plate in the sink, then he disappeared in his room to take a shower.

“Ok!” Simply replied the teenager before grabbing the remote and looking through the channels.

He ended up watching the end of an episode of the new Power Rangers show. The whole production crew had changed the past year and they had decided to bring it back to life from scratch, beginning the story anew and changing the actors. They had managed a small miracle by making it interesting and fun to watch again, at least in Alexandre’s mind. For the first time he really enjoyed watching the show.

Once the credits started rolling on the large screen he also stood up with a contempt sigh and turned the television off before walking to the kitchen to also put his plate in the sink and the pizza in the fridge. Then he walked up the stairs and turned on his computer, decided to play a bit of DtR, Defend the Ruins, a new and revolutionary mmorpg that had been launched a few years back.

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