Quotidian n°98 – Today I worked on a few things and it’s moving slowly but surely!

I like trains! *VROUUUUUUUUUM*

So today I worked quite a lot on Echoes of Power, I wrote almost three chapters in the span of one hour, which is quite productive and good I think since I was also doing other things at the same time. I don’t know why but I felt very motivated and compelled to write about this story this afternoon, I just started listening to music and then I got this feeling that I usually get at night, that I HAD to write about it and that I could write a lot if I just got to it. So I did just get to it. And I wrote, a lot and really fast… It was fun and really nice to be able to advance in the story so much so easily! So yeah, I posted two parts of the story this afternoon, part 20 and part 21, which you can go read out there. I also updated them on Movellas and started posting them on Wattpad to, to try to get more readers interested in my writing. This might help finding an artist who’d agree yo work with me, who knows… I’m hopeful!

Other than that I did a few other things today, like finally starting to clean my room. Seriously, it was overcrowded with object and useless stuff, dust and all those other things that eventually find themselves lying on the ground. So yeah, I started taking care of it and putting away a number of things I didn’t need and putting in their right place the other things. It took me an hour just to make some space around my bed and my desk with all the important papers and useless junk I had to take out, plus I had to decide if I was going to keep it or not, if it was important or not really , and then put it in the bag destined to the trash. I made some progress but I still have a lot of things to take care of, like my old toys that tale so much place on my shelves and my old school stuff that I won’t need from now on but that is just lying there on the ground… I should be able to make it if I really get to it though. Might even finish this quickly, who knows?

Other than that I watched the stream of the NVidia event today, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Challenge, which regrouped a few streamers from different nationalities and made them play against each others on different games (like DoTA, CS:GO, Chivalry, etc.) while representing their country. Sadly France only came out fourth even if we dominated most of the competition. The whole day, or at least what I could see of it (I’ll have to watch the VODs), was really cool. Three of my favorite streamers were there, the Wankil Studio, made of Laink and Terracid, was playing for the french team with Thaek (another streamer I know a bit less) and Zerator was commenting the whole thing for the french public with Wapinoux who, I discovered, is very funny and whom I’m going to watch more of from now on! So yeah, the whole thing was quite a success, it was really cool and fun to watch, despite the few issues that arose from time to time. So I wouldn’t say it was the perfect event but it was cool and I had a lot fo fun watching it!

Yep, that’s what happened during my day! I hope you too had a good day and I wish you a very good evening or night, depending where you are. See you later folks! ;)




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