EoP – Part 22

Echoes of Power

Part 22

What he loved about the game was the freedom of actions that was offered. That coupled with the beautiful graphics, the immersing storyline and the fluidity of the gameplay had made it a precious gem in his eyes. Defend the Ruins offered a near infinite universe, possibilities of actions that far surpassed any other game made before, from the creation of the character to the immense choice of action at each moment and the complete customization of the character’s abilities and powers. The main difference from other mmorpgs was the absence of inventory panel and ability tree, which made the game much more realistic and difficult.

The teenager only realized he had been playing for almost an hour and a half when his father came int he room to tell him he was leaving. The older man had changed his shirt and had combed his hair, making sure he was presentable again before going off to work.

“Okay, see you tomorrow then!” Replied Alexandre with a smile as he took of his headset and turned towards his father.

“Thanks, have a good night Alex. And since I’m not going to come home early I dare think you’ll already be sleeping for a while when I’ll be back. I trust you to take care of yourself but if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call!” Said David with a small smile.

“Yeah, of course, I’m off to bed in ten minutes I swear!” Exclaimed the teenager, raising his hand as he did.

“Right…” Commented the man with greying hair, apparently not believing his son completely. “Anyway! Good night and sleep tight!” He added with a smile before turning around.

“Yeah, I will! Good night to you too dad!” Replied the light-haired teen as his fathered disappeared in the corridor.

He heard the door open and then close a few seconds later, the key turned in the lock and Alexandre found himself alone once more. He heard the sound of the car driving away and smiled as he resumed his game. In the end he stopped only five minutes after the time he had allowed himself, a quarter of an hour after his father had left, and turned of the computer before walking towards the bathroom to take a warm shower. At eleven p.m. he had cleaned himself, dressed for the night and was lying in his bed, reading a book. He stopped about half an hour later and turned off the light after having programmed the alarm clock on his night stand, the teenager drifted off to sleep in a matter of minutes after that.

He woke up the next morning to the sound of said alarm clock which was blaring loudly, it took him a few seconds of blind groping before he managed to find the right button and turned it off. A few more seconds to completely wake up and motivate himself. The teenager slowly got up and walked into the bathroom across the hall, still half asleep, to wash his face before going to eat breakfast. His father wasn’t up yet when he finally reached the table, but that was predictable after the night he had probably spent working, perhaps he only had just gotten back a couple of minutes or hours ago.

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