EoP – Part 23

Echoes of Power

Part 23

Finally, after eating his bowl of cereals and quickly getting dressed he left the house, closing the door and walking off towards the Bartholomée Santana highschool. He noticed he was almost ten minutes earlier than the previous day. Great, I can take my time today. He thought with a contempt sigh before slightly slowing his pace down. He passed through the school gates only a few seconds before his best friends who, once more, had come riding his bike.

“Wow, you’re early today! Surprising!” Exclaimed the dark-haired teen with a smirk as he was putting away his bike.

“Well hello to you too Bryan, I’m also very happy to see you my friend.” Replied Alexandre with a half smirk and a frown.

“Oh come on! Can’t I have a bit of fun with you now?” Asked Bryan, his smirk turning into a wide, playful smile.


“Not even a little.”


“Well… At least I’ll have tried…” Bryan finally surrendered as he shot his hands up for a second. “So, you’re evening?” He then asked, quickly changing the subject of the conversation as they both walked towards the buildings of the school.

Alexandre told his friend about his progress on Defend the Ruins, which Bryan knew a little since he played from time to time, though much more rarely than his friend. They talked about it all the way to the classroom, debating what was the best way to follow the story while completing the quest the fastest. The light-haired teen also tried once more to convince his friend to play more regularly but, as always, it was to no avail as Bryan replied that he would think about it but that he didn’t have enough time between all his other activities and duties in the Dojo.

The day started with a philosophy class for two hours and then switched with physics, which lasted until the lunch break. Contrary to the morning which had seemed to go by extremely fast, at least to Alexandre, the afternoon felt like and eternity. The biology class he usually enjoyed a lot passed by so slowly he thought he was going to fall asleep. The reason was to that ways very simple: Alexandre was in a hurry to get to the gym class to finally let off some steam, he wanted to run, jump or at least be able to move!

Finally, as he felt like he was about to snap the bell rung and they were released from the lab room. They all rushed off to the locker rooms to get changed before meeting before the track field behind the gymnasium where the teachers were already waiting for them. The beginning of the year meant that they had to choose different sports that they would have to train in during the year and be marked after a test at the end of each period. Alexandre already knew which he would choose from the list that was proposed: 100 meters dash, high jump and soccer, he loved the dash and the high jump even if they weren’t his forte and soccer had always been a sport he enjoyed playing and which he was proud to say he wasn’t bad at.

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