Quotidian n°99 – Happy birthday to meeee! :D

Studies show that people living the oldest are the ones who have the most birthdays. Coincidence? I think not…

So, yeah, today was my birthday.

I really didn’t know what to talk about (or rather tonight, because it’s already almost one a.m. here…) in today’s Quotidian, then I remembered it was my birthday today. O rather yesterday, since we’re already the twentieth of July here. But anyways, yep, it’s the annual day of celebration for my entry into this world!

Having been born on the 19th of July 1994, I am now a living being that has managed to successfully reach the canonical age of 21. Damn, I feel old saying that… I’m still a sixteen-seventeen year old in my head, I’m not ready to be 21… It’s so depressing and sad…

No no no! Stop that! I have to view it on the good side, I’m twenty-one! Officially an adult, officially recognized as not-a-child-anymore in every part of the known world and perhaps even beyond! Isn’t that great?! I can officially go and have a drink while playing in a casino in the U.S., how cool is that?!

Anyway, that’s a big step and not so much a big step at the same time for me.

It’s a big step because I’m twenty-one and I enter my third decade of life, I’ve already lived for two decades, do you imagine? Yeah, that’s probably short for all you old people (#joke) but for me it’s a lot, I’m already quarter-of-a-century-plus-one-year old! I can do everything limited by age legally now! (Except getting elected in Italy for some reason, that’s twenty-five years old…) Plus I’m unofficially recognised as a real man, which seems a bit strange but I should get used to it rather quickly.

It’s less of a big deal on the administrative side of the thing, I’m already an adult since my eighteenth birthday and I can drink, play in a casino and vote since then because I live in France, a great country on that part! So I’m not getting any new privilege/power/right because this year. Or if I do I’m not aware of it and I’ll have to check that out asap! (I’ll really have to though, may be important…) I do, however, have the right to do these things in the U.S. now, which is cool since I want to go there soon.

Now, being 21, there are still a few things that I have to catch up with. Finally getting my driving license would be nice for example. Also getting a full and real beard (it’s on the way but still not quite there yet). I don’t have any other in mind but I know there are things I have to catch up with, and quickly!

So yeah, I’m officially and adult male, a man, to the eyes of the whole wide world. Hurray for me! Huzzah! Awesome! Youpiiii!

I’m so happy for myself… *wipes a tear running down his cheek*

Happy Birthday myself, keep living, a long a happy life, and keep following your dreams! Happy 21! :D



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