EoP – Part 24

Echoes of Power

Part 24

When the bell rung the end of class the group went back to the locker rooms to take a shower and get changed. Alexandre and Bryan were both sweating profusely, each of them was completely drenched, but the dark-haired teenager seemed to struggle a lot less to catch his breath and calm his beating heartbeat. Alexandre knew that this was due to the fact that his friend spent a lot more time than him exercising, Bryan spent long hours training in the dojo each day whereas he didn’t do any most of the days. Of course there was another reason why Bryan was much more physically fit than his friend but he would never dare point it out, especially in front of him.

“Next time I’ll beat you, I swear!” He exclaimed as he and Bryan quickly got dressed.

“Yeah, whatever you say man!” Replied the tan teenager with a smirk.

“You better believe it!” Added Alexandre as he straightened and threw his fist in the air, his expression much too serious to be really believable.

“Hey, to each his own thing. You’re far better than me in speaking Japanese for example!” Said Bryan as he defensively held his hands up.

“Yeah, because I actually take classes to learn it.” Replied Alexandre, poking and accusing finger at his friend’s torso.

“Hey, I can’t help it if I find it easy to understand!” Bryan defended himself with a chuckle. “I’m better than you in all aspects, I can’t help it…” He added, smirking again.

“What luck I have to be friends with such and incredible person!” Commented Alexandre, his tone full of irony.

“Come on, hurry up mister unhappy or I’m leaving you behind!” Replied Bryan as he finished dressing up and grabbed his bag.

“Yeah yeah, coming!” Exclaimed Alexandre as he rushed to get his sports clothes in his bag before closing his gym locker and catching up to his friend.

They walked out of the smaller building and towards the central courtyard of the school, they walked across the large space where a large number of student was pouring out from the surrounding buildings as the classes ended. The two teenagers separated and went their own way as they reached the commercial zone, about halfway down the road that led from the highschool to the light-haired teenager’s house, Alexandre kept going straight while Bryan took a right, towards the east of the city.

He walked for another ten minutes before finally reaching his house, taking his time to make the most of the good weather. His father hadn’t come back yet when he opened the door, he sat down in the kitchen and proceeded to work on the little homework they had been given while having a snack, carefully making sure he wasn’t spreading crumbs all over his school books. Once he deemed he was finished with his homework he put his stuff back into his bag and quickly climbed the stairs towards his room to put away the bag. He then proceeded to turn on the computer and logged in to his account on DtR, he was pleasantly surprised to find his best friend already logged in and waiting for him.

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