EoP – Part 26

Echoes of Power

Part 26

Alexandre woke up the next morning with the sounds of someone preparing breakfast in the kitchen, a loud metallic crash sound had startled the teenager out of his comfortable sleeping state. He chuckled lightly in a sleepy voice when he heard a few curses coming from downstairs, his father must have dropped a pan while he was washing the dishes. He looked at the clock, five minutes past seven. He still had a few minutes of sleep left before the alarm rang but the light-haired teenager decided to get up anyways, it wouldn’t be worth it to try to go back to sleep.

He rolled on his back and stayed like that, silent and unmoving, for a couple of minutes, simply staring at the ceiling before sitting up with a grunt. He jumped in the bathroom for a quick wash and then got dressed before climbing down the stairs and entering the kitchen.

“Good morning Alexandre, did you sleep well?” Asked David as he cooked friend eggs in a large frying pan.

“Hey dad!” Replied Alexandre with a small smile. “Already up?” He added, unable to hide his surprise.

“Yeah, I thought I was going to sleep in too this morning but I woke up half an hour ago feeling strangely refreshed so I just got up.” Replied his father with a smile, adding some spices to the eggs which were almost ready.

“Do you want some?” Asked the older man before his son had time to reply.

“Yes please.” Nodded Alexandre, sitting down in his usual spot around the table. “That’s strange, I was already sleeping when you came back so I thought you’d be more tired than that…”

“Yeah, me too. I guess it’ll get to me later during the day…” Shrugged David as he sat down at the table after serving both of them.

“Oh, by the way.” Started the man in his late forties. “I’m starting at eight today, weekly meeting with the boss, do you want me to drop you off at school on the way?” He asked as energetically he gobbled up the contents of his plate.

“Well why not, I’d get there before Bryan for once.” Agreed the young man with a small smirk.

He ate his breakfast while listening to his father talking about the intervention of the previous night. The teenager caught the words server, defective memory and crash so he deduced his father must have had spent the evening and part of the night repairing a database for a local company. In return Alexandre told him about his second day of school before cleaning his plate int he sink and rushing upstairs to brush his teeth and clean his face again. He had already been waiting for a couple of minutes in front of the car when his father finally walked out of the house and locked the door.

They arrived at the school less than five minutes later and Alexandre got out of the car after wishing a good day to his father. The teenager then proceeded to wait for his best friend to arrive just to see the look on his face, leaning against the wall near the school gates.

“You here, and so early?!” Exclaimed Bryan with a surprised look when he finally arrived, riding his bike as usual.

“Yup, dad drove me here today, he dropped me off five minutes ago. Impressed I gather?”

“Completely astonished even!” Exclaimed Bryan with a mocking smile as he locked his bike to the nearby bike rack before following his friend towards the school buildings.

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