Quotidian n°100 – We’ve done it people, we’ve done it!

This is the post of the century!


We have officially done it people, the hundredth Quotidian has finally been reached! It’s taken me a few more days that what I would’ve like to get the nerve to write it but it’s been a strangely difficult decision (keep reading, I’ll explain myself), I didn’t have much to say during the last few days and I had no motivation whatsoever to just write about something random. I wanted to do something about something interesting, or at least a subject that interested me. But as days went by and I still had no idea I finally motivated myself to just get on with it and finish this simple yet complicated task. And I also decided myself.

As I have finally reached this peak, this important step in my blog (reaching the hundredth post in a daily category is awesome and really amazing!), I was also plagued with a question and a decision to take. I have realized, over the course of the last few days and weeks, that it was difficult for me to write the Quotidians everyday. One, because I had to get into the habit of writing a bit everyday, but that became easier and easier as time passed, I got sort of used to it. Two, because I had to find subjects that were interesting enough to talk about, my life being what it is, is not always the most interesting thing to talk about and finding other things to talk about is hard… And thirdly, I realized that I had indeed become a daily writer, I started the Stanley series, hoping to make it as regular as the Quotidians, but that went not so well.

Since I’ve started re-writing Echoes of Power in the form of daily short chapters though, things have become a lot easier, I have almost no problem writing a chapter a day, sometimes two or three, and posting it regularly. That is how I realized that the Quotidians had reached their goal, served their purpose, they made me write every day and become used to it. I have become able to write a little every day without much problems. And that is awesome! But at the same time I realized that I didn’t really need the Quotidians anymore, and since they were becoming harder to make (finding ideas and things from my daily routine to talk about is NOT easy, believe me!) I understood that I maybe would have, or at least want, to stop them soon. And that made me a bit sad. That’s partly why I haven’t written it earlier, because I wanted to preserve the series as long as I could? Because Quotidians helped me more than I can imagine. And because, when I started, I was hoping to make it last as long as I was active on this blog. sadly it did not seem to be the case.

Then I realized I was being stupid… Why stop Quotidians when I could simply begin writing them when I wanted to and not make it a daily thing anymore? Yeah, that’s me, an idiot. I can just write them less regularly, that solve the problem. As easy as a snap of the finger. Stupid Soar! Ahem, anyway, so yeah.  Quotidians will not disappear in the end, they’ll just become a bit rarer, Echoes of Power having replaced them with the daily post. I for one, think that it makes things a bit more interesting and I will be more motivated to write a story daily than just talk about my life… Yah, that’s almost certain! I will however post unrelated things from time to time, like when I see a good movie or hear a great song, I’ll share it with you!

So, to conclude, yeah, happy anniversary to me! Happy Hundredth Quotidian! Yay! And also not-goodbye to them! (Phew, that’s a relief!)

Thanks for reading and for having followed me until now! I have many things in store for you people, many projects I want to make come to life so be on the look out for that! And also, I will resume posting Of Shadow and Feathers soon, I promise, I’ve been so taken in other things that I haven’t even written one word of that story for a while… But it will be back on your screens soon, I promise!

Ps: The Hero’s Mask and the other stories will also be updated in due time, don’t worry. Just wait for me a bit please! :)


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