EoP – Part 27

Echoes of Power

Part 27

The day passed quickly, in similar fashion to the previous ones, the beginning of the year always was an excuse for the teachers to slowly get into the heart of the program and for the students to laze around and have fun during the last days of summer. The two teenagers passed by the manga store in the commercial zone to order the new tome of the series they had been reading for a few years now. Soul King had started five years before and when they had discovered they were both avid readers and since then they had bought each new book together. The tradition was to read it over the course of the week-end and to discuss their impressions and thoughts on the story the next week.

This small habit at first had lingered and slowly turned into a weekly ritual. Of course they had to slow their reading pace down as they advanced through the books because of the slow rhythm of publication but sill, they had kept reading it together. Most of their Mondays following them buying a new tome consisted in them discussing their thoughts and not paying attention to anything else. That day they had just come to make sure they would get a copy once it came out at the end of the next week. Once they made sure they would get a copy each the two teenagers walked out of the store and each went their own way after wishing a good evening to each other.

During the next few days things went by without any interesting incident to report, as normal as could be. Bryan completely crushed his best friend during the sport classes, leaving him far behind during the 100 meters runs but the light-haired teenager managed to get his revenge on DtR by completely destroying the other teenager’s avatar in a matter of seconds. David had late calls almost each night and so he and Alexandre had even less time than usual to spend together, the classes became more difficult as the teachers finally began to really delve into the courses. And then, without the teenager even realizing it, it was already Friday, he and Alexandre had to retrieve their books that evening.

The two best friends both walked out of the store barely ten minutes after the end of classes, they had both rushed to retrieve the sixty-fourth tome of Soul King before each going their own way once more, both of them excited to read it as fast as possible. Alexandre was surprised but glad to see his father’s car in front of the garage as he reached the house, he opened the door with a large smile.

“Yeah, I finished earlier than I thought tonight, no emergency for once and the boss said he’d take care of the rest. So I’m here until tomorrow morning unless there’s a big problem.” Explained David Parson as his wondered about him being home so early.

“Awesome!” Exclaimed Alexandre, his large smile still plastered on his face.

“What do you think about a double or triple feature night tonight?” Asked the older man with a smile as he started preparing grilled chicken with some corn.

“Yes, that’s great, I’m going to look at what we could watch tonight!” Replied the teenager as he rushed to his room to put his stuff away for the evening.

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