EoP – Part 28

Echoes of Power

Part 28

Twenty minutes later they were sitting in front of the large screen and watching The Throne, an old movie that Bryan had praised a few times and which Alexandre had been planning to watch for a while now. The teenager had been immediately convinced after looking at the trailer only once. As usual he was so focused on the movie that when the end credits finally rolled he realized he hadn’t even finished his plate and had to heat it again in the microwave before finishing it. Bryan doesn’t have such bad tastes after all… He smirked at the thought.

He put down his plate in the sink and rejoined his father on the couch, the older man seemed to have enjoyed the movie a lot too as they talked about it for a full half hour, exchanging their impressions, which was rare for both of them. The light-haired teen then wished a good night to his father before climbing the stairs to his room, he changed into his pyjamas and sat down on his bed to read a bit. Unfortunately he realized he couldn’t quite get the film out of his mind and couldn’t concentrate on the story of the book. After ten minutes of re-reading the same page Alexandre finally gave up and decided to sleep.

It took him some time to fall asleep, his brain refused to calm down and kept coming back to that epic ending that had completely amazed him. Finally, without realizing it, he felt his eyes close and his mind drift off to the lands of the beautiful Morpheus. When Alexandre entered the kitchen the following morning he found a note left by his father telling him he had gone off to work early and that he wouldn’t be back until late in the evening. There were also a few ideas of things he could prepare for lunch and as always his old man was telling him he loved him.

Alexandre couldn’t help smiling as he put the small piece of paper back on the counter. He picked up the latest tome of Soul King and started devouring it as he ate his breakfast, a bowl full of cereals and chocolate milk. He held the book in his left hand, eating with his right. Years of experience in eating while reading had helped him develop this useful coordination and he was able to put food from his spoon to his mouth without ever looking away from the book.

He finally gulped down the last spoonful of cereals and decided to close the sixty fourth tome of Soul King for now, prefering to keep some of it for later, he still had the whole week-end to read it after all. He booted up the computer and logged on to Defend the Ruins, ready to give the assault on the kreglin fortress as soon as one of his friends came online. He only had to wait a few minutes before the party was large enough to begin the quest, they managed to clear the first steps in a breeze, coordinating precisely thank to the built-in vocal chat system of the game. The teenager only stopped when he felt his stomach rumble and realized it was already past noon.

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