EoP – Part 29

Echoes of Power

Part 29

“Damn it!” He swore as he said farewell to his companions and logged out of the game.

The teenager hesitated a few seconds before finally deciding not to turn it off, preferring to boost up the volume and launch his favorite playlist, which he had perfected over the years, as he started to prepare his meal. Alexandre started singing loudly as the speakers blasted the music loudly, he took out one of the largest cooking pans he found to have enough space to cook while at the same time to try not to dirty the cooktop too much. He then got out a large saucepan and prepared the frying oil to cook some french fries. He had the freedom to prepare anything he wished and he wasn’t about to let it got to waste!

He looked at the carrots for a second, hesitant to prepare them too, but finally decided to do it. As he proceeded with the mildly repetitive task his mind drifted off to the voice he heard sometimes in his head and that’s when it happened. It happened so quickly he couldn’t tell if this was a simple coincidence or if the voice had simply appeared in his mind at that exact moment because he had unconsciously wanted it. He heard the words boom in his mind, echoing loudly. He took a quick step back in surprise and almost tripped, only managing to get his balance back by grabbing the counter near him.

This, however, forced him to swing his arm wildly. He hit a glass that had been lying nearby with his elbow and saw as it ever slowly tipped over the wooden edge before falling towards the ground. Time almost froze at that moment, it took the teenager a moment that seemed like an eternity to realize that he had to grab it before it hit the hard ground and shattered in hundreds of pieces. He stopped thinking and willed himself to move, his mind completely focused on the fact that he had to catch it. In that instant it had become the only goal in his life, the only thing he knew he had to do, his mind and body both straining to their maximum to reach their goal.

At the same time he could hear the thundering voice booming in his head, louder and louder. Not now! Not the moment for that! He groaned angrily as he felt the headache grow in his temples. Alexandre could see his open fingers slowly reach for the glass but he knew he wouldn’t be fast enough to catch it, no matter how hard he wished for it, the glass would shatter without leaving him any chance of catching it. That’s when he heard it, more clearly than ever, silencing any other thought in his head and making him focus completely on it. Nestros. The voice had just pronounced one of the rare words he had been able to understand in all those years it had plagued him.

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