EoP – Part 30

Echoes of Power

Part 30

He was about to swear again, unnerved by the mysterious entity that had chosen this moment to reveal this to him, but he was cut short. Nestros. It pronounced the same word a second time, as clearly and as loudly as the first time, imposing it as an evidence, as the only evidence in the whole universe to him for a brief moment. What the-? His mind wasn’t fast enough to process what was going on and he felt as if he was missing on something important, as if it was trying to tell him something. This had never happened before but he couldn’t fathom why it was happening at that precise moment.

The meaning of all this was completely escaping him as he was still trying to catch the empty glass in time before it hit the ground. he would have voiced this once more, or at least tried to, had the mysterious voice not spoken a third time. Nestros. This time his mind went completely blank as the sounds echoed in his head, he felt himself slip in a semi-conscious state as his eyes suddenly focused on the glass and it appeared as clear as day in his mind.

Suddenly it came to him, as a wave of warmth spread all across his body, Alexandre instantly knew with absolute certainty that the voice somehow wanted him to repeat the word out loud. He contemplated the idea for a fraction of a fraction of a second, hesitating about the reason for such a certainty to dawn on him, but the falling glass, less than twenty centimeters away from the ground, steeled his resolve. Whatever he was thinking didn’t matter, whatever his doubts may have been did not matter, this was the only way that had been offered to him and he had to take it. And so he did.

“Nestros!” He heard himself shout as quickly and as loudly as he could.

Time seemed to freeze for an infinitely short moment before suddenly coming back crashing into him, like a dam had just broken, freeing the immense amount of water it held back and letting it flow out into a raging flood. He felt himself fall again as his breath was completely sucked out of his chest. The teenager fell on his knees, barely managing to slow his fall by raising his hands in front of him to lessen the impact.

His vision started to blur and he felt himself falling to the right, hitting the ground on his side with a thud. His body was drained of all its strength, he couldn’t move, struggling to barely managing to stay conscious. His lungs were on fire, unable to renew their much-needed dose of oxygen, his head felt like it was getting smashed into a million pieces. But, as everything around him faded into darkness and he felt his mind slip away into an unconscious state, he saw the glass on the ground. Standing straight, still in once piece. If he wasn’t in such a state of exhaustion he would’ve sworn that he had seen it slow down in the middle of its fall and delicately touch down on the hard and cold ground.

Then everything went black.

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