EoP – Part 32

Echoes of Power

Part 32

Alexandre looked at the empty glass on the counter, suddenly hesitant. Was it such a good idea? Well, it’s just a glass after all, it’s not that big of a deal… He did check if it wasn’t an important item to either of his parents, he still remembered the last time he had broken something that they liked and he didn’t want to repeat the experience. But it proved to be just a generic piece of furniture which relieved him. He took a deep breath and slowly grabbed it, dragging it towards the edge of the wooden surface. The glass started to tilt as its center of gravity shifted, pulling it down towards the ground.

Then, slowly, it tipped over and fell crashing on the ground and breaking into numerous small pieces. This confirmed the teenager’s thoughts: something had indeed happened; a glass would never reach the ground in one piece after a fall from that height. But how in the world could he have done something so impossible to believe? And what’s more, just by pronouncing a single word? The teenager couldn’t think of anything from all his knowledge and memories that could remotely explain such a phenomenon. Something incredible had therefore happened a few minutes earlier. That was the only explanation he could come up with at the moment.

Alexandre carefully picked up the sharp transparent shards sprayed on the ground, making sure not to cut himself, before rushing upstairs to get a tennis ball. He wasn’t done with this yet! He had to slow down a bit though as his head was still light and he felt sore all over his body. Once he found what he wanted he rushed back downstairs and started replicating the experience. The tennis ball was a much safer option than the glass, it wouldn’t break which meant it could last longer, and it was less dangerous.

He pushed the ball and watched it roll on the flat surface of the counter before it tipped over and fell to the ground, bouncing back up as it did. His eyes hadn’t left the ball at all but he saw nothing surprising happen this time. Alexandre picked it up and repeated the operation, only this time decided to pronounce the word.

“Nestros!” He exclaimed as the round object tipped over the edge and began falling.

Nothing happened and the ball once again fell to the ground normally. Did I do something wrong? He wondered as he picked it up. He thought back to the exact moment he had seen the glass fall the first time, what had his mind been focused on? What had he been thinking about at that moment? Strangely he only found a blank memory, as if he hadn’t registered anything or they had been erased. Why can’t I remember? He frowned as he formulated the question in his head.

“The only thing I remember…” He muttered, stroking his chin pensively.

Of course! I absolutely did not want it to fall! Is this based off my will power? This was a plausible explanation, he had not only to say the word but also to will the ball not to fall! Wait? What am I thinking? Am I really believing this? He hesitated again, freezing instantly. Am I going crazy for believing in something so extravagant as that? But the answer was obvious to him: he wasn’t crazy, he hadn’t been dreaming, something had really happened… And he wanted to find out what!

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