Quotidian n°101 – Much ado about something

I have been extremely busy these past few days, especially with things unrelated with my writing. This is why I haven’t posted anything (or almost anything) during the past week.

I am not gone however and I still have the blazing motivation to continue my stories and updating this blog!

The only thing I lacked this week was alone time to focus on Echoes of Power, of which I owe you almost a full week’s worth now!, and to work on these little side projects I’ve thought up recently.

The first thing I would like to introduce you to is the major change that will come this blog in the next few days : I will add a french section, where I will publish the stories I’ve written in their original version (well for most of them, not all at least) which is in French.

I have been asked by a few friends if they could read my writing anywhere and sadly I haven’t updated my old blog (which is in French) for a while and I don’t plan to do so a lot in the future.Therefore I have decided to also post the stories in French here in the En Français section for those who want to take a look. (There isn’t much right now but soon I’ll start adding content)

The second big (well rather medium-sized actually) news of the week is that I have also started working on a Halo fan fiction that has been bugging me for a few days now since I’ve started re-immersing myself into that universe. I am currently watching complete playthroughs of all (and I mean ALL) the Halo games so it might take some time to get the chapters out since I want the plot to be as coherent as possible with the original universe, but fear not, it will come soon!

You can find the prologue to the fan fiction on Fanfiction.net, my username is the same as here : Soar Vandergeid. Or, if you’re really lazy you can simply click here –> Forward into darkness (yeah, that’s the name of the fanfic. Reminds you of something?)

Finally, I will be catching up with the long-due chapters of Echoes of Power so prepare your minds to fest on the marvellous plot I have prepared for you guys! :P

Alright, I think that this is all for today, see you later folks with all new chapters of EoP! :D


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