EoP – Part 33

Echoes of Power

Part 33

Alexandre placed the ball back on the counter, determined to try again. He gave it a little push this time before taking a step back and focusing his gaze on the small and spherical object. The teenager especially focused on the fact that the ball was going to fall and that he wanted not to. I don’t want it to fall down, I don’t want it to fall down… He repeated this sentence in his head a few times, like a mantra, without letting the ball out of his sight, as he tried to concentrate. Slowly the round object got closer to the edge and after what seemed like a long time it finally reached the edge and almost stopped before tumbling over.

“Nestros!” He exclaimed as soon as the bouncing ball had left the counter.

Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall! He repeated in his head, but to no avail. He saw the object getting inexorably closer to the ground before it finally bounced on it and rolled to the left on a few feet. The light-haired young man took the ball in his hand for the third time before placing it on the counter once more. He repeated the process once more but nothing changed, if anything the ball had seemed to fall down faster than before. Two more times he tried stopping it before it touched the ground, each time letting out a frustrated sigh as he caught it after it bounced on the ground.

He had tried to visualize the trajectory in his mind as clearly as he could, to imagine how the ball would slow down so much it would seem it had stopped in mid-air. Unfortunately his focus did not pay off at all and he found himself gazing down at the spherical object and doubting his own sanity. But I could swear I didn’t dream…!

“If it really did happen then why can’t I do it again?”

Suddenly doubt grabbed at him once more: if it had really happened, had he even been the one to make this miracle happen? After all, someone (or something) else could have very easily done something. But why? What was the point of such an act? He couldn’t find an answer no matter how hard he thought about it. That’s when he realized something else: he had been, and still was a bit, exhausted. If he hadn’t done anything, what could explain his exhaustion? No, he was fairly sure he had in fact been at the origin of the strange event.

That’s when a second realization dawned on him. Of course! He thought as he clapped his hand together in excitement. He could remember his determination to not let the glass fall the first time, had it been the catalyst to the reaction? Did he need to be absolutely focused on what he wanted to do to make it happen? If he had learned anything by reading fantasy novels and playing video games, it was that focus was always needed to cast spells. Does it mean I’m some sort of wizard?

No! He couldn’t allow himself any delusions before he had confirmed the incident with the glass wasn’t just a coincidence. He had to be sure first and not let haste cloud his judgement. But he had seen strange things so to him it was a possibility. Sort of…

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