EoP – Part 34

Echoes of Power

Part 34

The image of the small body slowly growing, transforming itself into a large beast with fur as black as night appeared in his mind and he couldn’t help but let a shiver run through his body. No, he wasn’t crazy, something had happened. But what more can I do? He didn’t know what else he could do than to try to focus as best as he could on the object and what he wanted it to do. Focus was an easy concept to understand but a much harder state to reach. Bryan would be so much better at this… Alexandre sighed as he imagined his friend as he had seen him once: completely calm and unmoving, his eyes closed and his hands joined together as he sat on the floor, his back straight.

The light-haired teen had once been able to witness part of his friend’s martial arts training and he had been impressed if not fascinated by the level of concentration his best friend was able to put in such an exercise. Alexandre knew that he would never be able to do anything similar, even in a million years, so instead he decided to do the next best thing: trying to genuinely reproduce he earlier state of mind. The simplest way to do that was obvious, he simply had to use something much more valuable and fragile than that little ball. He had to genuinely want not to break the object with all his heart, or rather, his mind in this case.

The food was cooking steadily as he took out another glass from the cupboard and placed it on the counter. Damn it, I hope I know what I’m doing… He shook his head in disbelief at his own actions. The glass wasn’t precious, it was the exact replica of the first one he had broken, but he knew he did NOT want to break a second one enough to succeed if ever he was right. Or at least he thought so… Damn it! Please be right, please be right! The teenager implored himself, his face contorted into a wince. If Bryan had been there he would’ve surely laughed his ass off at the sight.

The thought, coming out of seemingly nowhere, helped his calm down a little. Alexandre took a deep breath and, ever so slowly, he pushed the transparent container towards the edge of the counter, his hand shaking slightly as he did. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. He started repeating the words like a mantra once more, over and over as he saw the glass slowly tip over and start to fall towards the ground. And an unescapable doom… No! Shut up, you can do this! Don’t fall! You are not crazy! Oh god don’t fall please!

The teenager’s face was now distorted into a grimace as he feared the worst was about to happen but at the same time wished for his intuition to be right. He had to be right!

“Nestros!” He heard himself yell, throwing his arms forward in an effort to canalized whatever was about to happen towards the glass.

The world seemed to slow down, the glass had started a spin and had already reached half the distance to the ground. Come on! He thought, yelling in his head for the event to happen again. The glass was reaching the three-quarters of its fall. Alexandre was about to surrender to his despair and to admit what a fool he had been when he felt it.

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