EoP – Part 35

Echoes of Power

Part 35

A warm feeling spread throughout his whole body, starting in his chest and slowly expanding towards his arms and his legs before finally reaching his extremities. Alexandre saw himself rise his left hand and thought he saw something shine brightly for a second before he noticed the glass slowing its fall towards the ground and landing on the hard and cold tilling, upright and completely unharmed. His eyes had followed it all along its descent and they remained fixed on it after it had stopped moving.

Another eternity seemed to pass with him standing there, staring into nothingness, his gaze seemed to pass directly through the glass and to look at something far beyond, before the teenager started breathing again and finally registered what had happened. His gaze focused on the small transparent container standing on the ground, still in one piece. He looked at it for a long moment before extending his arm again to try to grab it. A sudden weakness caught him off guard unfortunately.

His sight blurred and he felt all strength leave his legs. The teenager fell forward and only managed to break his fall at the last moment, barely putting his arms up as he touched the ground. He thanked his quick reflex as he looked at the ground, barely a few inches from his face. He was unable to move and struggling to catch his breath. A few long seconds, or minutes, he was unable to tell, passed before he felt as if he was coming back to his own body. His strength came back  sufficiently for him to turn his head and look at the glass.

Intact. It was intact. It had… it had worked! He let out a small chuckle at the sight and let a small smile spread on his lips before falling to the side. Alexandre remained like this, unmoving, his chest heaving as took in heavy breaths and his eyes still glazed. He felt as if he was about to throw up, a sour taste in his mouth, but fortunately the urge passed quickly, giving him back his sight as it left his body.

When he finally managed to get back up in a sitting position he didn’t know how much time had passed. His whole body was aching, all his muscles were sore and his mind was still a bit hazy. What the fuck happened? He managed to formulate the thought as he turned towards the empty glass on the ground once more.

“I did it…” He whispered with a small chuckle as he grabbed for the glass to confirm it was still in one piece.

I did it… A deep sigh escaped from his lips, a laugh following not long after. He then tried to get back up, a sharp headache made him winced as he slowly got to his feet.

“Damn it…” He cursed, massaging his temples as taking in deep breaths to try to diminish the pain. “That seriously hurts…”

He poured water into the glass he was still holding and slowly drank the clear liquid. The fact that it was fresh helped ease the pain a little and clear his mind from the dizziness.

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