EoP – Part 36

Echoes of Power

Part 36

The two cooking pans were sizzling, the frying oil was boiling under the fries and as Alexandre noticed it was almost ready. He had been so focused on the glass that he hadn’t noticed the steaks were almost starting to burn. That is also when he realized the music had stopped. He looked at his music player, the few songs it had started playing earlier were already finished. The teenager then wondered how much time had passed since he had passed out, he looked at his phone. It had been almost thirty-five minutes.

“Damn it! This could’ve been dangerous if I hadn’t woken up so fast!” He swore as he thought about the consequences of him having stayed unconscious a few more minutes.

He also saw that his father had left him a message saying he wouldn’t be back until late that evening. When is he going to rest? Sighed the young man with light-colored hair. His father had always been like this, working around the clock with very little pauses to relax and breathe. One day he’s going to fall apart from exhaustion… He took another long sip from his glass before deciding to eat now and think about all this later.

The fries and the meat were slightly overcooked but still edible and he made quick work of eating his fill, leaving only a very small portion for a later hunger or his evening meal. As he ate his mind went back to what had just happened and he played the scene over an over in his head, he still had a bit of trouble fully realizing what he had done. The first word that came to mind when he tried to explain what he had just done was magic. He had done something that should be impossible.Many would have either believed themselves crazy or tried to explain it in any rational way they could think of but he knew better than to do that.

He had done something, though he didn’t know what, that went against everything he knew or believed in (well, not everything, but almost) and yet he accepted it as fact. How could he be so calm about it? Sometimes he didn’t know himself. Perhaps what he had seen all those years ago and the existence of the voice helped, or perhaps he was indeed completely crazy. In any case he completely believed it. But this discovery also brought many questions.

How had he done that? What exactly was it that he had done? Was it all he could do? What was the link with the mysterious voice? What did it mean? Were there other things he couldn’t imagine in this world? He already had the answer to that question: of course there were. Did Bryan know about this or was it something completely unknown? The only things he knew for sure were that it required an extreme level of focus to accomplish that feat, this meant it was exhausting, both mentally and physically.

The teenager felt sore all over his body, he could swear he was discovering new muscles he didn’t even suspected existed with each movement, and he felt tired, as if he hadn’t slept that previous night. If anything he knew he wouldn’t try anything of the sort again anytime soon, he would probably die of sheer fatigue if he even tried it again at that moment.

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