EoP – Part 37

Echoes of Power

Part 37

Alexandre suddenly looked around, anxious as he thought someone might be observing him, what if someone had seen him? But he saw nothing, he was completely alone in the house and there wasn’t a single life sign coming from the street. He sighed, he was over thinking things, why would anyone be watching him? His father and him were completely normal people living completely normal lives, nobody would be interested. Then the thought that there might be other strange things happening in Echo Valley crossed his mind, what if he wasn’t the only one? No, he couldn’t think about that! He didn’t even know what he was able to do exactly yet!

Finding out more about his… He thought for a second, not knowing what to call what he had just done. Ability? No, he wasn’t sure it was even him that had done it. His thing. That seemed the best word to use at the moment since he didn’t even know anything about it. Finding about his ‘thing’ was the priority before anything else. He got up, putting his late in the sink and couldn’t help the wince as pain waves coursed through his sore body.

“I think I’ll go take a nap and leave the thinking part for later…” He said to no one but himself before slowly and stiffly walking out of the kitchen towards the living room.

He lied down on the large and comfortable sofa, programming his phone to ring an hour later and closed his eyes, letting the fatigue take over. The teenager drifted off in a matter of minutes. His sleep was completely void of dreams, he floated into a dark and infinite space, among shadows and warm winds. When he woke up an hour later as his alarm rang loudly through the room he groaned but immediately noticed he was rested, at least mentally. He didn’t feel as exhausted anymore and despite the still present ache in all his muscles he felt as if he could go through another day without a problem.

He straightened on the couch, getting up in a sitting position, before slowly standing up. His body seemed to have rested a little after all, it still ached all over but not as much as earlier he realized. Well that’s good at least… He went to the bathroom to relieve his very full bladder before walking back to the kitchen and proceeding to wash the dishes he had left as is an hour earlier. As he finished his short albeit repetitive task, he noticed the rubber ball on the counter and thought about giving his ‘trick’ another try.

He hesitated a second, unsure if it was a wise idea, before giving in to his impulsive curiosity and grabbed the round object. He made it roll on the counter, a bit faster than earlier, focusing on the image of it slowing down before hitting the ground as hard as he could. The ball rolled over the edge and started falling.

“Nestros.” He said in a loud voice.

He waited for the ball to slow down as he saw it fall, almost in slow motion, but nothing happened and he felt a ping of disappointment creep into his mind as it bounced on the ground. Damn it! He swore. I can’t do it… Is it because I can’t focus enough? Or because I don’t want it to stop badly enough? He didn’t know but he was determined to find out. He looked at the empty glass nearby before shaking his head. No, it wasn’t the moment, he was too tired anyways…

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