EoP – Part 38

Echoes of Power

Part 38

He hesitated a second, unsure if it was a good idea, before shaking his head and walking towards the room where the computer was installed. He chose to let his body rest before trying anything again, if doing his ‘thing’ twice got him so exhausted he couldn’t just mindlessly try it out like that, he had to be careful. Plus it might have other consequences he couldn’t see or foresee yet, he had seen enough movies to know that everything usually came with a price. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t think about what had happened and try to analyze it in more detail.

He thought about writing his experience down in his notebook, the same one he had inscribed the voice’s words, but the risk of being discovered and thought to be crazy, or worse, was there and he absolutely did not want that. Finally the teenager turned the machine on and launched Defend the Ruins, his favorite game, which was also the only one he allowed himself to play. He completed his daily quests and a dungeon before deciding he needed to train his abilities, which he usually did by spending long periods of time in the training fields.

When his father finally came home Alexandre had just finished his twelfth round of training with the high masters of the Citadel, silently hoping his best friend wouldn’t connect all the while for fear of being tempted to tell him about what had happened. Bryan was the only one he trusted enough to speak to and not seem too crazy, but he feared his friend would not react well to the fact he knew about his… secret. The light-haired teen therefore prefered to wait to speak to him and have some time to think on it.

“Hey Alexandre, I’m home!’ He heard his father say from the corridor.

The teenager looked at the time and was surprised to see it was only 7:42 p.m., his father wasn’t supposed to be back that early. Not that it bothered him, he had already taken care of the broken glass from his small ‘experiment’, he had also washed the dishes and done the little work he had to do. Plus it was the week-end, he was free to use his time as he wanted.

“Hey dad!” He exclaimed in return. “In the office, I’m coming!” He added as he got up and walked out of the room.

His father was putting his coat on the rack and his shoes away.

“How are you back so early?” Alexandre asked with surprise.

“Well I miraculously managed to solve their problem after a few long hours of searching when I asked what they had done up ’til the server crashed. And it turned out one of their technician had made a mistake in the latest configuration, they hadn’t even thought to check that…” He replied with a sigh. “And you, how was your day?”

“It went well, I cooked steaks and fries for lunch with some carrots, it was quite good. Then I played a game on the computer and read a bit. I didn’t have much to do this week-end so I didn’t work much, I’ll finish my homework tomorrow, don’t worry!” He added with a smile as he saw his father’s brows furrow. “And there weren’t any calls, there was some mail though, I put it on the counter for you.”

“Thank you. But I do hope you are planning on working this year too, I know classes have barely begun but it is still not a reason to slack off.”

“I know dad, I promise I won’t slack off this year either. I know it’s an important one,being my last and all…” Said Alexandre with a light roll of his eyes.

They both knew he was a serious student and that he worked to achieve good,if not excellent, grades each year. His father still liked to remind him what was on the line every now and then even if the teenager found it more annoying than anything.

“You better son.” Replied David, unable to stop himself from smirking lightly. “Now, I’ll go change and take a shower before preparing dinner tonight.”

“Don’t worry dad, take your time!” Said Alexandre with a smile as his father headed off to the bathroom. “I’m in no hurry!” He added before going back to the computer.

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