Echoes of Power Update – IMPORTANT

Hey! Quick message, ’cause I’m tired, to all of you who read Echoes of Power : I have updated chapter 38 and chapter 39, they are completely different so go take a look because that will change a lot for the next parts of the story.

The reason I have just updated them and that I haven’t posted anything in the last few days is exactly the same : three days ago I realized I had skipped over a whole part of the chapter I was working on and had missed a lot of important things (yeah, they are important even if they don’t seem to be).

I had a short dilemma about what to do : continue on like this or rewrite them and add the parts I had omitted? I decided to go for the later because I felt they were important. So, yeah, sorry for the wait and here are parts 38 and 39 edited with the new chapters for you to enjoy!

I really didn’t want to post them without posting the rest of the chapter I owe you and the ones I re wrote, but in the end I decided to do it very late tonight because I was finishing up on the last paragraph of today’s chapter and I wanted to post something. But adding 8 chapters all at once didn’t seem a good idea so I opted to do it a bit more slowly, updating 38 and 39 tonight and adding the rest tomorrow. So, don’t worry, you will have everything I owe you by tomorrow! And you will have them all along the day so look out for extraordinarily frequent updates! x)

Now, I’ve also been working on that Halo project, mainly by watching the games, and I have recently watched Halo 4 : Spartan Ops, which was really cool and made me like Palmer, the spartan IVs and Lasky (and Roland! :D) even more, so yeah, chapter 1 is coming along slowly but nicely, I’ll be sure to give you guys and update when it’s finally published!

Also the french section of the blog should be arriving very soon too, I’m still working on uploading the stories on the blog but I should officially post them during the week too so look out for that too! ;)

Thank for reading and good night all, it is past time for me to go to sleep so see you later people and have fun!


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