EoP – Part 40

Echoes of Power

Part 40

In his dream he felt so small in the middle of a forest of tall grass, almost three times his height. He was lost and he could feel something chasing him, he was running as fast as he could but never seemed to be able to get away far enough, the thing always close behind. The only chance he unconsciously knew he had was to follow the shining light that stripped the ground under his feet. With each new growl of the thing he felt it getting nearer. The line that marked the safe path kept changing color and direction to delay the fateful moment when he wouldn’t be able to flee anymore. He had already been out of breath for long and painful seconds when he arrived at the foot of the biggest mountain he had ever seen, he was sure of it as it completely hid the moon from his view.

He looked up, trying to see the tip and realized it wasn’t a mountain but a tree, an immense tree, with a majestic foliage and a trunk as big as a mountain. He understood that he couldn’t run anymore, his escape ended here. He could only wait for the creature to catch up to him and let it finally end this, his destiny had been set and he couldn’t get away from it. He heard himself inhale a deep breath before he turned around and sat down cross-legged on the soft earth, he closed his eyes and tried to calm his heart which was now beating wildly. Finally, he felt his shoulders relax, his heart slow down and realized his fear was slowly leaving his body. He wasn’t afraid anymore, he had accepted what was going to happen, it was meant to be. He heard it approach, its quiet but heavy steps on the earth, the sound of the grass moving around it as it parted along its way.

He heard the creature circle around him a few times, he felt its eyes fixed on him and watching him, it was studying it prey. It finally came back in front of him and stopped, every noise dissipating as it stopped. Only then did he dare open his eyes, slowly, and looked straight in front of him. His met a pair of electric blue orbs, nothing else was visible of the creature, it was as dark as the night. He felt the power of the eyes that were fixed on him and knew he wouldn’t stand a chance, not in a million years, but still, despite the powerful aura, he looked back, his eyes did not waver. An eternity seemed to pass before he blinked. The creature blinked at the same time and when he opened his eyes again he only had time to see two blue lightning bolts fiercely jump at him before everything went dark and he fell.

The teenager woke up as his body crashed into the dark liquid. He was sweating, his sheets were damp and he could see the stars out of his opened window. He suddenly tensed and looked around the room, his eyes darting to every corner. Then, only when he realized he was back in his room, Alexandre started to relax and allowed himself to lie back down on his bed. His dream had seemed so real… It wasn’t the first time he dreamt so vividly but it always had the same effect on him when he woke up. He also realized it was still dark outside, he still had a few hours of sleep left. He sighed in relief, he absolutely didn’t like to get up just after a dream like this and he still felt sleepy, before getting back into a comfortable position. His heart was still beating fast but his mind was slowly relaxing and once more he found himself drifting off.

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